Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 . 1 . 11

       Happy New Year to all my sweet blogging friends!  
       I'm still pretty new to this world of sharing and chatting....I've met some lovely people and looking forward to meeting many many more!
       I hope you all enjoy this new you! 

      My best to each and everyone.....


  1. Sandy ,Iam your 29th follower.Why don't you drop by my hobbit home and visit with me for a bit.When I was alittle girl my Dad and Grandpa built us a huge beautiful playhouse like the one you have.We kept it for years and years.Now many years later a just have to pretend.Your so blessed that you don't have to pretend.I would like you to follow me only if it pleases you. Denise

  2. Happy New Year, Sandy. How's the vacation going?

  3. Happy New Year Sandy! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today. I am so happy with my new furbaby... still smiling ear to ear.

  4. Happy New Year Sandy! I love that you are creating your tags with your friend Amy. What a beautiful place to live! I didn't realize how hilly and green and expansive California is. Simply beautiful! Looking forward to Monday! Elizabeth