Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something NEW to learn....

Just saying.... I'm crazy in love with making tags!  They  certainly can consume your life, can't they? 
 I tell myself I'll only sit here for a little while and before I know it the day is half gone.  Such little things give me such happiness.

I've been working on a Recipe Tag Swap..... the rules are we each pick a theme of our choosing for the front, mine is couples of the fifties..... then choose a favorite recipe for the back. When we share our tags quarterly, we will each bring one of our recipes for our luncheon.     Mmmmmmm yummy!   

I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate this picture... Sometimes I just feel like a dummy.  More new to learn.   What amazes me is, I've managed to post all the others right.   Guess you'll have to crook your neck for perusing. 
                            XOSO    SANDY O


  1. I love making tags, too, Sandy! They can either go very quickly or take forever, but either way they turn out adorable! Not sure if you know, but there are some tag challenges out there. Check out the right sidebar on my blog - one is Tag Tuesday Challenge. (

    As for the picture, it depends on what software you use, but normally you can right click on the picture and it will give you as an option to rotate clockwise or rotate counterclockwise. At least that is what Picasa does!

    Love your tag! Becky G. in GA

  2. Hah, Sandy you are making it look so easy! This is so cute! I have to rotate my photos in iphoto before I upload. Is it not the best to lose yourself in a day of creativity? That is when you know you are doing something you love...Snowbound in Kansas!

  3. i love making tags too! i've only made 2 different ones so far, but have lots of ideas in mind! i think i'm turning into a tagaholic! :)

  4. oops! forgot to say that i love your tag! what a great idea with the recipes on the back!

  5. I love this tag! Tags are so fun and you can use them in so many ways. Have a good day!

  6. Hi Sandy,
    Yes I know how you feel. I spend way too much time on tags too. I think someone that doesn't make them would have no idea the time involved. When I get one I like I make a few. It's the design for me that takes all the time.
    You can upload Picasa for free and use their editing to turn pics. Good luck!