Thursday, May 26, 2011

A field trip to the Monterey Airport!


 I'd forgotten what a field trip could "feel" like.

 Two classes of second graders, my grandson in one of them.

 We spent the first part of our three hours touring the little airport, with.... a bunch of restless kids....talking too much and too loud.... hopping around...poking and hitting each other....complaining they were hungry...then thirsty....then of course they had to go to the bathroom..... seven year old children can be a handful.

 Then, we hit the airports Fire Station!  

 Now, that was a different story. 

 Those big trucks, big tires, lots of tools.... listening to the fireman tell about their job and go through their "drill".... the "pole".... the "outfits" was a fun day, exhausting.

Did I mention we walked? 

I'm one tired Gammy....but, I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

It was such a fun day....

Have a safe and fun Holiday weekend!

xoso Sandy O

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trouble leaving a comment

I'm testing my comment posts!  Seems there is something wrong.  Hope I can get comments on this post.
Here we go!
xoso Sandy O

BUTTON give away....come and check it out!

Come leave a comment at Vintage Corner to win some fabulous buttons....... and check our our newest adventure..... having a booth there.  

We are having give aways all the time.... come see!

Have a wonderful weekend all my special blogger safe!

xoso Sandy O

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Give away.... GIVE AWAY......

All you have to do is stop over and leave a comment...that's easy enough, isn't it?  You'll want to follow us too it's gonna be fun!

I'm sure the give away is going to be something great! 
So skip, run, walk, type...whatever you have to do to get there and say * HI *.....we'll be waiting.

Have a fantastic weekend.... 

xoso Sandy O 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Invite to see our new shop!

A couple of weeks ago I told you about our newest adventure....joining a co-op store with our very own booth. 

Well, we are all set much as we can be with the time we've given ourselves, working night and day making and creating items to fill the booth. 

It's crazy, who knew it would take so much time to make so many items..... I think it must be much easier for shopkeepers that order all their stuff new and ONLY have to unload boxes and place on shelves. 

But, what do I know,,,, this is our first venture.

It sure is fun.....You, eat, sleep and dream about what comes next, don't you? EXCITMENT!!!

I'm loving it....a place to put all the things you that's a "good thing", don't you think? 

And, you make money.  What could be better?

I hope you will all go over to the Vintage Corners new blog made by Amy...she did a fantastic job.  And, leave a comment and follow us from now on.  We are so excited and want all our friends to please enjoy this adventure with us.

We will be showing all kinds of things...tutorials, classes, new items, interviewing all our co-op partners and much more....  *please* be patient with us...this is all new for us.  

We'll see you over there....and THANKS for your support.

Follow, follow, follow, follow...follow us to the store.  

Hugs and Kisses to all my blogging friends.... 
Thanks again. 

xoso Sandy O 

PS...Oh, I amost forgot...our booth has the pretty blue chair with all the pillows on it. Stay tuned...more to come.    

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Friends!

It's Mothers Day and I want to wish you all a wonderful time with what ever you choose to do. 
It's YOUR day...make it fun filled, special with lots of family,friends and bunches of yummy food and treats. (No time to diet today)!

Big hugs to you all! 

xoso  Sandy O

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy May! And, my newest adventure.

Just a quick drop in to say *Hi* to all my friends here in the blog world.

 I have been so busy lately....

Just opened a booth at a wonderful new co-op  **Vintage Corner** in San Juan Bautista (Ca) just down the road a bit.

 Featuring Shabby French: old, new and unique, repurposed, hand crafted goodies and gifts...vintage-inspired style for your home, fashion and lifestyle!

 It's so exciting!
Trying to fill the booth with all kinds of treasures takes a lot of time...I know you all know that.  Whew!

I hope if you are in our area you will stop in and say *Hi*! 
We would love to see you! 

Back to the drawing board.....have a wonderful day! Must go "create".  

xoso Sandy O