Thursday, January 13, 2011

I can walk in my craft room AGAIN!

You could literally not walk in the was more of a hop skip and jump to get to things....trying not to break your neck as you waltzed around the the task began.

I thought I'd share my semi-clean craft room with all of you today. 

I spent all day Tuesday cleaning in there, now... I have to admit it needs a lot more...see all those boxes, the insides need to be organized BETTER!  But... I'm pretty darn happy with all that got accomplished. 

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Each time I say "This time I'm going to keep it clean", and it never happens.  

It's done for now!
                                xoso Sandy


  1. I love your creating space! And I know what you mean . . . I alway start with good intentions, but when I get to creating and pulling things from drawers, boxes and bins . . . before long it's all spread out and I'm back to not being able to find what I need! Good luck with it this time!!! Becky G. in GA

  2. I LOOOOOOOOVE it, sugar! I wish mine looked like that. WOW and whooooeeeee....

  3. Your craftroom is wonderful. I love all the adorable dolls on the shelf and the pretty card boxes!!!
    Have a good time there!

  4. You are one super organized Crafing/Crapping Momma!!! Love it..can't wait to help mess it up again!!! I hear a Momma and Me play day calling..... xoxox

  5. wow! I think Ive turned green with envy! what a wonderful creative space you have!! so what are you going to make now?

  6. Fantastic! A lovely craft room...I bet it is fun to create there.

  7. You are the bomb!!! I'd love to see my craftroom floor...haha

    Hey btw did you know you have a noreply email. Most ppl don't realize that. It makes it easy to email you back and chat.
    anyways all you have to do is edit your profile and enter your email address.


  8. hey sweet girl
    hope you are having a fab new year!!!
    i LOVE your cottage.
    i would never leave!!!
    hope you are having a fab new year!!!

  9. Hi Sandy,
    So glad you stopped by my' nice to meet you! Wow, what an extensive craftroom you's wonderful and so organized. I can straighten and organize mine, but with just one project, it's all a mess again. I have to be careful, cause if it gets too bad, my husband will clean it up, but then I can't find anything!

    Well, have a great weekend, and I look forward to future posts.


  10. Sandy, what a pretty craft room. I love the boxes and pretty plates and...everything. Thanks for sharing it, I will refer back to these pics for ideas.

  11. Oh Sandy it's lovely!!! I hope you will show it off again in July when I host this years Where Bloggers Create party. It's a huge event and will bring tons of new visitors to your blog so they can see how fabulous you are!!!!

  12. Oh wow Sandy! Your studio is g o r g e o u s !!! Isn't it nice to stand back and smile at it? It's so clean and pretty! As neat and tidy as I am, mine can get so cluttered and messy really fast too. It's always work isn't it?

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today. I always appreciate your comments. And yes... I wonder if our paths did cross in 2006 in Italy. We were there in July: Rome, Florence, Venice then the Amalfi Coast. It was so lovely. Now I'm dying to go back to Paris. It will be ten years in April!

    Have a great weekend.
    Holly and Phoebe too!

  13. oh, what an exciting,fun and pretty craft room.I could spend days in there lost in my imagination.

  14. OMG Sandy, Your craft room looks fabulous!!! A place for everything and everything in its place!You could eat off all those surfaces!
    I cleaned mine at the first of the year, It lasted about two days! LOL
    hugs Lynn

  15. This is just gorgeous! My favorite part would have to be the teacups hanging from the light chain. Fantastic! Following you!

  16. Ohh what a beautiful space, so gorgeous, i just spent ages looking at the photo's. what a fabulous craft room you have
    hugs June xxx

  17. Oh My Golly Gosh!!!!
    What a fab room!
    Can we come and live there???!
    Happy pink Saturday even though it's Sunday!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!
    We are following you now- #40!!! Yay!

  18. I just popped in to check out your blog and wow! perfect timing. I am in the process of building a craft room and so need ideas. Yours is beautifully set up. I had thought of putting up a chandelier and after seeing yours, I do want to do that. I hope I can get mine organized well and my mind is going crazy on ideas and ways of doing so. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Yummy, yummy, yummy! So many cute ideas, Sandy! What a fun day to come meet you! ♥

  20. Yes, I knew I had been here before! :) I get a little foggy heaed byt he end of Winter!

    I adore the tea cups with ribbon hanging from the chain and love that you edged one shelf with pom poms! I love pom poms! My girl hood bedroom had them. ♥