Friday, January 28, 2011

A gift of cards

Last week I put my Valentine decorations out... you remember I shared pics of them.....thought I was done...but,  then I was gifted these lovely cards, that I had to use. 

I started thinking how can I incorporate them into my "scheme of things" decor.  Should I do a banner?  Yes that could work.....  Should I make a book?  That would work too!   Or, I could frame them...not a bad idea. 

Then this morning while wandering around looking for something to catch my eye....voila, the light bulb when on.  I'll set them in front of each plate, where I already have a theme happening.  I'm lovin' this idea.  No mess...just a little "put and place" and I'm done. 

So here is my sweetness!

 My red plate table scape sure is doing it's job.   Come Easter we'll have a whole new color introduced.

Enjoy RED!         


                                                    Happy Decorating to you all!!

                                                            xoso  SANDY

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet Valentine Girl.......

                    Yesterday I decided it was time to decorate for Valentines Day..... 

Last year while looking through a magazine I came across a picture of a Valentine Girl.... I suggested to our craft group that we try our hand at making one.   Here's what mine turned out like.  

Meet Valentine Girl!  


 Every time I turn around I see candy displayed in jars..........well, I drug out my three jars...decided that what I had wasn't enough, so I hauled myself to Home Goods and found the two medium sized jars...perfect, the display is ready for candy. 

Now, how am I going to leave these candies alone?   That was the big question!

 I know, I'll buy all candy that I dislike aka hate.  Brilliant!

 Off too the Dollar Tree to find candy!  

 Some times I can be a bit of a tight wad....I mean, how much money do you want to spend on candy you hate? 

Well, it is a decorator item so that should afford a little spending AND it's the Dollar Tree for goodness sake.....  I sucked it up and found some that would work perfectly.  Without breaking the bank. 

The jars are full!  Notice I bought mini marshmallows for the big jar......thought that was such a smart idea...and perfect color.  It is all about color, right?  

                                           OMGosh aren't the little pink and white hearts to die for! 

Hearts in the window.....swoon!

I'm so happy with the look!
Simple but Sweet!

See the little tiny jar?  It has Dove Chocolate in it....   (smile) ...... I had to have one that I could eat....come on now... I'm not that silly.  None for me....don't think so.  There are so few in there that I don't think it will hurt my diet, do you?



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Camping in the mountains day two!

For some reason the campground internet wouldn't allow me to download more than the three pics I posted yesterday, how weird is that?  

 Is this a cute slide or what?? 

 This is the best site in the campground.... look how big it is...just heavenly!  We lucked out! 
 A magnificant view of the giant trees....
 Piper is perusing the day..... Hummmm wonder what it will bring?
Mr. Camper is in his element...COOKING!  
 And, Piper and I are in ours!!!!   Coffee in bed...doesn't get much better than that. 
Is this the darnest thing?   She loves to stand in the little storage area and watch Mr. Camper get on with the duties of breaking down.  It's just her size.  Too cute!

We had a really nice get-a-way this weekend...the weather was perfectly crisp...the time was spent doing exactly what we love to do...and, we were together. 

                 I'd say "We're HAPPY CAMPERS"!!!

                              Hope your weekend was just as fun. 

                                                 xoso Sandy O

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Santa Cruz Mountain RVing

Tall surrounding redwood trees, lush dense foliage, the quietness of nature....that's what we are enjoying this weekend.  *Wheel Estate* has taken us out on another adventure, this time to the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

It has a comfortable secluded feeling..with the sound of a train whistle echoing far off in the distance....whoooooo whoooooo, I love that sound.  

  More pictures to follow. 

                                xoso Sandy O

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something NEW to learn....

Just saying.... I'm crazy in love with making tags!  They  certainly can consume your life, can't they? 
 I tell myself I'll only sit here for a little while and before I know it the day is half gone.  Such little things give me such happiness.

I've been working on a Recipe Tag Swap..... the rules are we each pick a theme of our choosing for the front, mine is couples of the fifties..... then choose a favorite recipe for the back. When we share our tags quarterly, we will each bring one of our recipes for our luncheon.     Mmmmmmm yummy!   

I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate this picture... Sometimes I just feel like a dummy.  More new to learn.   What amazes me is, I've managed to post all the others right.   Guess you'll have to crook your neck for perusing. 
                            XOSO    SANDY O

Monday, January 17, 2011

A HUGE Thank you too all my new blogging friends!

When I started in this blogging world I had no idea I would make such lovely friends in such a short time. 

 I adore each and everyone of you for becoming a part of my life. 

Every morning, with my coffee, I sit and peruse and's a lovely way to start my day. Oh heck, I peruse and chat all day long, who am I seems to be and "obsession".  

Thank you so much for welcoming me into a world that was unknown just a couple months ago. I treasure you all!!  

I thought I would share a Mini Marie moment with you....  I have a fondness for miniatures...let's say over the years I've collected way more than I needed...but, who cares!  I love them, isn't that all that counts? 

I took one of my dolls and made a little vignette for her...just a little whimsy, a little craziness, a bit of wonderment. 

                              Thinking outside the box...or in this case...inside. 
                                            Enjoy your holiday....

                                                xoSO     Sandy  O

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I can walk in my craft room AGAIN!

You could literally not walk in the was more of a hop skip and jump to get to things....trying not to break your neck as you waltzed around the the task began.

I thought I'd share my semi-clean craft room with all of you today. 

I spent all day Tuesday cleaning in there, now... I have to admit it needs a lot more...see all those boxes, the insides need to be organized BETTER!  But... I'm pretty darn happy with all that got accomplished. 

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Each time I say "This time I'm going to keep it clean", and it never happens.  

It's done for now!
                                xoso Sandy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Homemaker Tag Along --- January

Elizabeth was one of my first blogs to visit.  I was so taken with her style and "cuteness" that I knew I must be a follower. 

 First I made one of her sweet little pom pom critters for my daughter, then I made her Peg Snow carried away with that one and made 14.   They adorned my Christmas tree this year as some of you might have seen.   As you can tell I'm very smitten with Elizabeth!  

When I saw the Tag-Along swap, I KNEW I had to be apart of this yearly adventure.  Elizabeth was kind enough to let me play with all  of you wonderfully talented ladies........... I'm so excited! 

 So here goes!

I chose K& Company Designer Paper for the tag, I fell in love with the colors and graphics on the paper.
Next, I had to come up with a theme, that took some thinking.  Whew!  After wavering back and forth, I found Peggy's Vintage CD in her Ebay shop with the cutest little girls ...... that was it!  

 My theme is vintage girls...they are the sweetest! 

   I wanted a little more to the theme, knowing that it was for each month the song Calendar Girl by Neil Sedaka popped into my head.  For all you oldies, I hope this brings a smile to your face.  You'll have to find the song and give a listen.  

With that *January starts the year out fine*. 

There are a few other items I'm listing to give you and idea of how the tag came together.  
      VersaColor ink for the edges, Stickles for the dots on her dress, paper doilies, envelope punch, colored mesh, me and my big ideas rhinestones, Elmer's glue, ribbon and time.   I didn't think I had any new ideas (you ladies are pretty darn clever) to share so I didn't do a blow by blow.  Maybe next time I can come up with something outside the box to share.  

This has been so fun and I'm so anxious to start on February's tag and see all the others on Monday.    

I will be posting this on Monday, as soon as I figure out how to "link".   Another first for me...... learning all the computer lingo.  Wish me luck. 

                                           My best to all you Tag-Alongs and a 
                                            special Thank You to my new friend 

                                                                    SANDY O    

Friday, January 7, 2011

Well worked this time! I'm not mad anymore.

Just another picture of the flowers!
xoso Sandy

Mad at my computer!!!!

I have been trying to add another picture for about the last half hour and this stupid machine/computer won't let me.  Gees, I hate it when things don't work and I'm doing the same thing that I just did and it worked then. 
I'll give it one more try and then.......................well, I call it quits. 

                                                       xoso   Sandy

I love sales!!!!!

    Things are aways hopping in my basket when I'm out shopping....well, today it was flowers.

  They really were necessary....with Christmas gone the table needed a new look and.... they were 40% off...Yippy!!!!  I love sales!!

  I'm adding or not removing bits of red around the house getting ready for Valentines day! 


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spirt of energy.........

This morning I got and extra boost of energy or finally realized I should clean out the hutch. 

 Decided to make it all white and so sparkles and makes me happy.  It was a huge chore unloading and reloading to get done but, so worth it!
   And, now I have a new *look* 2011 look, cuz it won't get changed again this year, I'm sure.

   The red wreath has me smitten so, it's staying up until Valentines day!!

Then decided I'd keep my red plates out but just redo the buffet scape. 

 Thinkin' I've done a good days work off to my other chores.  Laundry!  



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birds of a feather

As I was strolling thru Michaels today this beautiful glittered moss jumped into my hand.....  Did I have and idea what I'd do with it?  Yes!   I have this sweet little birdbath dish and I thought how cute it would look with the moss....  Whatcha' think?   Cute, huh? 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 . 1 . 11

       Happy New Year to all my sweet blogging friends!  
       I'm still pretty new to this world of sharing and chatting....I've met some lovely people and looking forward to meeting many many more!
       I hope you all enjoy this new you! 

      My best to each and everyone.....