Saturday, June 16, 2012

A camera bag for Paris!

It's been awhile since I've posted...time flies when life is in charge, doesn't it?

No minis today....
all about camera bags.

We are going to Paris in a couple of months and my camera situation is not up to par!

With that said, I decided to make my it like *I* want it....all because I couldn't find anything that would suit my fancy.

I've carted my big black Nikon, in a non-case situation, for way too long. 

 The bags are either too big, too bulky, wrong color, wrong fabric....well, you get the picture. 

My daughter dug threw her old purses and voila.... she had one that I could dismantle....deconstruct... cut up...and, throw away if it didn't work.

Dummy here didn't take any pictures of the procedure.. didn't think I would be sharing, turned out so darn cute that I thought "I have a new post". 

It's not finished, still needs it's innards designed and some sewing done on the outside and strap.

I am so excited at how it's turning out, I just had to share before finishing.

I say: this is purpose, reuse, recycle, smart looking, fashion forward camera bag.
It sure beats that big old ugly black manly thing, doesn't it?  
Tiny, girly and oh so chic!
Yet, comfy, cozy and well worn!

It can be a cross over, a shoulder holder or a hand held bag.

I don't think there is anything worse than dragging a big camera around on vacation... this is filling the bill. 

Happy Dance.

The top opens up as wide as the bottom so it slides in like a dream. Plus, this outside pocket will hold any little (light) items I might need.

Wish I had a before picture, it's about half the size it was originally.

All the little straps and buckles...perfectly perfect.

I think I'll fit right into the Paris scene, don't you?

Beats having that big camera hanging around my neck looking like a tourist.  hehehe