Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miniature Baby Room Tour

 My miniature babies room is least for now.

Happy to say,  *I've got another room put together*. 

Here are a few (well, probably too many) pictures for you to peruse AGAIN. 

I love my minis...
hope you enjoy this room tour.

Some blurry, some clear...but, there are enough pictures to see pretty much all the *littles*. 

Hope you had fun!

Happy Leap Year Day!



Friday, February 17, 2012

Miniature....Tour of the pink room prettiness!

My camera is not being my friend today.
I've been taking pictures over and over and over, trying to get something focused to share. 
Well, taking pictures in a little miniature dollhouse room is harder than you think. 
 I've tried all the settings, more light, with flash, without flash... nothing seemed to work to my liking.
I think because miniatures are so small, the viewfinder can't decide which item to focus on, so parts are in focus and the rest is not.
Tell me what I'm doing wrong!

Each room is getting a make over.
This one needed pinky-wink was the favorite choice.
Also, because I remodeled the house, eliminating four rooms (ripped them off the bottom of the house), I had to give the illusion there was a full bath behind the new curtain. 
(Made the curtain from an old silky blouse.)

I dressed the bed years ago, but added the top silky cover from the same blouse....made good use of that one, didn't I?

Last but not least, the dollhouse in chaos....

Top floor will be a kitchen sitting room....that seemed to work because of the amount of minis I have.

It's going to be oh so cottagey ( is that a word?)  Lot's more pink...the dark walls are leaving. 

There will be two more bedrooms and a dining room...
Lot's of work!
Or is it play?

Hope you could see through the cameras (me) mistakes.  I tried! 

And, enjoyed a tour of the first almost done room.

Have a great weekend....playing!



Thursday, February 16, 2012


I'm all obsessed with my *minis* again! 

 I've spent the last few days playing in my dollhouse....
OKAY... some of it's  *work*....not all play.

I took a bunch of pictures...but, they didn't turn out.


I actually got one room almost done, that's not to say I won't keep tweaking it, but for now I'm happy with how it turned out. 
 All pinky-wink and yummy.

So, I'll try again tomorrow taking pictures, let's hope I get the problem figured out.  

Until then...have a great evening. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012






Saturday, February 11, 2012

A walk to say *GOOD BYE*....

   to our DEAR FRIEND SHARON.....we said "GOOD-BYE"... we LOVE you... we will miss your gentle ways, your kind heart...and, your loving nature.

"If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.  Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk."-   Raymond Inmon

Today I was blessed to have my wonderful, thoughtful husband buy me a piece of Sharons beautiful art. 

 Isn't she beautiful?  ***Dressed Up***  That's what Sharon called her.

She makes my heart sing...

                                 *Dressed Up* in her new home!

As we heard the tears of friends.....
We wept with broken hearts....
Our beloved Sharon was laid to rest.....

We will always remember YOU sweet angel from above......



Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 The Polka Dot Closet
 graciously invited
 to the
 Dress Form Ball

 I've been helping Hedy put together her outfit...first this, then that...finally, she decided.

Here is what she/we came up with.

Her linen top is a vintage hand towel with bits of lace enhancing the bodice. 
 The skirt, made from packing cool is that? 
 It will even stretch as the evening goes by and she needs a little room to breathe.

  Isn't her vintage sequin belt just the perfect touch?

 What about her vintage rhinestone, that was a fantastic  find at the Good Will.... let's all swoon over it. 

I'd say, *Hedy pulled it all together!*

She's so excited! 

All her "bling"... can you ever have too much?
She wore her heart to let them know her heart is open for love....

The key will unlock her heart.... if he's the right one.

A girl can never smell too pretty....well, Hedy couldn't decide which she brought them all.  

We went round and round about her hat....
Hedy won. 
The bird nest, tassel, shoe (cuz she doesn't have feet and a girl must have wonderful shoes) hat was the winner.   

When the man of her dreams finds her....he'll stop and smell the rose, sweeping her off her feet... (Oh that's right, she has no feet AND...NO head for her hat)!

As she ran out the door, grabbing her little box purse (literally a box with paper and beads), she waved good-bye with a smile on her face ( arms or face either), she climbed into her awaiting coach to whisk her away for the night of her life.  

"Have fun Hedy", I said.. as she disappeared into the distance.

Thanks for inviting us Carol...



Monday, February 6, 2012

My heart is full of sadness

My dear dear friend passed away today...
I can not find the words to explain how profoundly sad I feel. 
 Sharon was everything good, such a lovey person inside and out. She filled the room with happiness and life...she did everything with passion, creativity, mind blowing talented, giving, loving, just a beautiful human being.

She will be missed terribly,my heart is so heavy!

We love you Sharon...

R.I.P my special friend.

 I was so blessed and lucky to have known you and been apart of your life.

I will miss you so much...

Here's to you Sharon...CHEERS!

For all the cheers we have done over the years...this one is for you baby.

Until we meet again...
I love you..


Look whats waiting in my yard.......

The coach has arrived a day early...that's okay it'll be worth the wait!

Ding Dong

See you tomorrow at the *Dress Form Ball* with our lovely hostess Carol at The Polka Dot Closet!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Cubbies of treasured LITTLES

Here we are the *Industrial* Guest room! 
 I'm slowly getting each little corner of the room completed with a wealth of treasured *things*!

Awhile back I found these Tim Holtz boxes (yeah, I love his stuff) at Michael's and knew they would be perfectly perfect to hold all the *littles* that I've gathered over the years.

It's a lot to look at....but, confined all in one place, it works.

I found this old rusty light fixture and never knew what to do with it....after I got the boxes nailed to the wall, it looked, I rummaged around and there it was waiting for me.  PERFECT! 

 Then added the chain to give the illusion that the boxes are hanging. 

Thanks for stopping by.... 

Have a happy weekend.....