Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mini Storybook REDO....oh no!

 Call me crazy...or not....but, I HAD to redo Storybook! 

I have trouble with colors...bright colors, as pretty as they are, they can make me nervous. 

 I tried so hard to keep it colorful and cheery...but, I need calm and serene.

I tried to live with the sweetness of Storybook  but, my thoughts just kept saying ..redo...redo...redo! 

So, I painted out all the colors to soft white...
whew...much better!

And, painted all the little minis that stood still...
that would be most of them.

All I could think about was French, French, French!
Here is my take on a French country cottage for Storybook. 
Oh yeah, there is still way more to do, but at last she found her way home.

The floors got whitewashed too!

I have a collection of vintage postcards...they make perfect mini pictures with their sepia/black and white tones.  

When I first built Storybook, I put a window on each wall....WRONG!  Too many windows, couldn't put in a fireplace or any tall furniture.  Lesson learned!! 

I covered the window up from the inside, but it still looks like there is a window in place from the outside. 
Now, I could add a fireplace. 

New lace curtains giving the room softness...

Pillows, needs MORE pillows.  Boy, am I glad I didn't make all my squishy salt pillows in bright colors...
And, needs lots and lots of books...

Care for a cup of tea?

Doesn't every house need a banner? 

Bucket of papers. 

A little wall hanging made from scrapbook paper, matches the banner. 

More greenery....

the roof is finished! 
 There is no chimney, we must pretend.

Storybook sitting in her new room!

The color scheme of Storybook, now fits into the color scheme of the room.

Much better, really!

Hope you've enjoyed watching this cute little cottage come to life (and it's redo)
...always more too think up, more too make, more too share...

 I'm gonna make a little kitchen cottage next.....
stay tuned!