Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Homemaker Tag Along --- January

Elizabeth was one of my first blogs to visit.  I was so taken with her style and "cuteness" that I knew I must be a follower. 

 First I made one of her sweet little pom pom critters for my daughter, then I made her Peg Snow carried away with that one and made 14.   They adorned my Christmas tree this year as some of you might have seen.   As you can tell I'm very smitten with Elizabeth!  

When I saw the Tag-Along swap, I KNEW I had to be apart of this yearly adventure.  Elizabeth was kind enough to let me play with all  of you wonderfully talented ladies........... I'm so excited! 

 So here goes!

I chose K& Company Designer Paper for the tag, I fell in love with the colors and graphics on the paper.
Next, I had to come up with a theme, that took some thinking.  Whew!  After wavering back and forth, I found Peggy's Vintage CD in her Ebay shop with the cutest little girls ...... that was it!  

 My theme is vintage girls...they are the sweetest! 

   I wanted a little more to the theme, knowing that it was for each month the song Calendar Girl by Neil Sedaka popped into my head.  For all you oldies, I hope this brings a smile to your face.  You'll have to find the song and give a listen.  

With that *January starts the year out fine*. 

There are a few other items I'm listing to give you and idea of how the tag came together.  
      VersaColor ink for the edges, Stickles for the dots on her dress, paper doilies, envelope punch, colored mesh, me and my big ideas rhinestones, Elmer's glue, ribbon and time.   I didn't think I had any new ideas (you ladies are pretty darn clever) to share so I didn't do a blow by blow.  Maybe next time I can come up with something outside the box to share.  

This has been so fun and I'm so anxious to start on February's tag and see all the others on Monday.    

I will be posting this on Monday, as soon as I figure out how to "link".   Another first for me...... learning all the computer lingo.  Wish me luck. 

                                           My best to all you Tag-Alongs and a 
                                            special Thank You to my new friend 

                                                                    SANDY O    


  1. Sandy, I just love your tag! I may have to look for that CD myself! I look forward to seeing all your tags. And I am pretty taken with Elizabeth myself, and hope to learn a lot from her! Have a great week! Becky G. in GA

  2. Sandy, she is too cute. I really like how you made the dots with the stickles. The envelope is darling. Great ideas. Looking forward to February.

  3. How adorable is that tag? What a clever theme from one super groovy song!

  4. Oh, way too cute! I think that is me and when you turn it over she has chocolate on her face!

    Thanks for the sweet birthday message! It was so fun to get home and see all the well wishes on the blog!

  5. EAK! Sandy, what a cute tag! Ideas, absolutely! I love that you have a little envelope which gives another area to decorate. Linking your theme to a song, brilliant! I already can't wait for next months! Thank you so much for Tagging Along with me. Inspiration is going to be found in so many places! Elizabeth

  6. What an adorable tag! I really like your theme too. Now I am off to find that CD! I'm looking forward to getting to know you, Sandy.

  7. I love your theme and can't wait to see more of your darling tags! Are you going to share the link to the CD? *Hint* *Hint*

  8. I've had requests for the link to Peggy Love Vintage... here it is:

    Enjoy xoso Sandy O

  9. Thanks for sharing the link Sandy! You are so right, this is FUN! I'm having the best time too.

  10. Sandy, the envelope is sooo cute...I love, love, love your little calendar girl...ready made lyrics for each month!!! How clever is that going to be and the little Shirley Temple girl was such a good choice for making resolutions to start the year off fine. Is that ice cream in her resolution?

  11. Sandy this tag is just too darn cute. I love this sweet little image and I see what's going on there with her resolution, love it.

  12. What a sweet tag and I love the envelope too! I remember sitting on the floor in my big sister's room room watching her dance to Neil Sedaka on her record player! She loved this song!

  13. Adorable tag! I love all the details. And using the song lyrics is just genius. Of course now I'll have Neil Sedaka stuck in my head for the rest of the day, but that's not really a bad thing. :-)

  14. I'm ancient enough to remember that song (lol) what a cute idea for a theme!! Your tags are adorable!

  15. That tag is so stinkin' cute! Great job.

  16. Sandy, this tag is so cute. You did such a good job.

  17. i love i love your little Calendar Girl....each and every day of the yearrrr. Haha - of course I know the song and how clever of you to think of this cute theme. Your tags are just darling - love them and look forward to seeing your "little valentine" girl! xoxo Nancy

  18. she is so adorable! i love the "resolutions" and the envelope with the chocolate yummy inside! so cute! the expression on her little face is just PERFECT! thank you for visiting me and for your sweet comment! i can't wait to see what you make for next month!

  19. Hi Sandy~
    Calendar Girls is such a cute that the song is in my head, I'll be humming it all day! The papers you are using are from one of my K&Co pads..such happy papers. I am loving this tag along already and will be happily popping in here to see what you've come up with.
    BTW-can I come and hang out in that adorable little cottage pictured in your header? Love it!