Monday, January 17, 2011

A HUGE Thank you too all my new blogging friends!

When I started in this blogging world I had no idea I would make such lovely friends in such a short time. 

 I adore each and everyone of you for becoming a part of my life. 

Every morning, with my coffee, I sit and peruse and's a lovely way to start my day. Oh heck, I peruse and chat all day long, who am I seems to be and "obsession".  

Thank you so much for welcoming me into a world that was unknown just a couple months ago. I treasure you all!!  

I thought I would share a Mini Marie moment with you....  I have a fondness for miniatures...let's say over the years I've collected way more than I needed...but, who cares!  I love them, isn't that all that counts? 

I took one of my dolls and made a little vignette for her...just a little whimsy, a little craziness, a bit of wonderment. 

                              Thinking outside the box...or in this case...inside. 
                                            Enjoy your holiday....

                                                xoSO     Sandy  O


  1. What a lovely bit of goodness! I love the attention to detail. I love the little stack of books on her bed and do I detect an open box of bonbons on there too? Adorable!

  2. Sandy, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your looking at my very new blog and leaving comments. It encourages me to keep going! I can imagine how much fun it was creating your mini room. So pretty.