Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet Valentine Girl.......

                    Yesterday I decided it was time to decorate for Valentines Day..... 

Last year while looking through a magazine I came across a picture of a Valentine Girl.... I suggested to our craft group that we try our hand at making one.   Here's what mine turned out like.  

Meet Valentine Girl!  


 Every time I turn around I see candy displayed in jars..........well, I drug out my three jars...decided that what I had wasn't enough, so I hauled myself to Home Goods and found the two medium sized jars...perfect, the display is ready for candy. 

Now, how am I going to leave these candies alone?   That was the big question!

 I know, I'll buy all candy that I dislike aka hate.  Brilliant!

 Off too the Dollar Tree to find candy!  

 Some times I can be a bit of a tight wad....I mean, how much money do you want to spend on candy you hate? 

Well, it is a decorator item so that should afford a little spending AND it's the Dollar Tree for goodness sake.....  I sucked it up and found some that would work perfectly.  Without breaking the bank. 

The jars are full!  Notice I bought mini marshmallows for the big jar......thought that was such a smart idea...and perfect color.  It is all about color, right?  

                                           OMGosh aren't the little pink and white hearts to die for! 

Hearts in the window.....swoon!

I'm so happy with the look!
Simple but Sweet!

See the little tiny jar?  It has Dove Chocolate in it....   (smile) ...... I had to have one that I could eat....come on now... I'm not that silly.  None for me....don't think so.  There are so few in there that I don't think it will hurt my diet, do you?




  1. Very cute!!!! I have three jars that I also fill and I filled the largest with some pink heart marshmallows also.....too expensive otherwise...and I got the Brach's large candy hearts...hate the taste! But love how they look....since Necco changed their heart flavors ( Yuk, by the way) I don't eat them anymore either....use to go thru lots of those! :):) Sandy

  2. everything looks sweet! And I do believe that the heart doll you made was originally made by Debra Schoch of hophopjingleboo. You'll find her site on my side bar. Your doll turned out great!

  3. The heart doll is so cute! And I like all the jars full of candy. Good decorating idea.

  4. Wow, we don't have a selection of jars that great at our store! I love Miss Valentine. She is a cutie.

    I always found the same thing, if I put out decorative jars of candy that the kids and their friends didn't love, then they stayed around and if I did the dark Dove they didn't steal those and I loved them, but just one or two a day and that actually helps you lose weight - lubes the system - no really!!!!

  5. valentine girl is so cute. thanks for stopping by
    my blog