Sunday, January 23, 2011

Camping in the mountains day two!

For some reason the campground internet wouldn't allow me to download more than the three pics I posted yesterday, how weird is that?  

 Is this a cute slide or what?? 

 This is the best site in the campground.... look how big it is...just heavenly!  We lucked out! 
 A magnificant view of the giant trees....
 Piper is perusing the day..... Hummmm wonder what it will bring?
Mr. Camper is in his element...COOKING!  
 And, Piper and I are in ours!!!!   Coffee in bed...doesn't get much better than that. 
Is this the darnest thing?   She loves to stand in the little storage area and watch Mr. Camper get on with the duties of breaking down.  It's just her size.  Too cute!

We had a really nice get-a-way this weekend...the weather was perfectly crisp...the time was spent doing exactly what we love to do...and, we were together. 

                 I'd say "We're HAPPY CAMPERS"!!!

                              Hope your weekend was just as fun. 

                                                 xoso Sandy O

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  1. Your puppy looks so cute in the storage area! You sure look like you had a great time.