Monday, April 23, 2012

MINI: Peeking inside Storybook

Wanna see inside Storybook?
She's not finished, but I think done enough to give you a sneak peek.

Here we are looking from the outside in through the picture window.... it's a little living room with a loft library upstairs. 
I think there might be a party going on....but, haven't decided what kind of party it will be. 
So, I'll think more about that as I share what I have finished so far.

It took me the longest time to figure out what the color scheme would be.
  Walking by the scrapbook section at the craft store, one piece of paper caught my eye and the "inspiration" decision was made. 

Then it was time to head to the fabric section and coordinate the color scheme.
I haven't finished (or started) the pillows....all the fabric is just wrapped around the forms...I'm way to anxious to see what everything will look like.
  Do you do that too?

The top picture behind the little ladder is the scrapbook paper cut and framed.

The curtains caused me some grief!
 Made them once, hung them up thinking I was finished....NOT!
So, today they came down and got "redone". 
Much better!

The wicker furniture I've had for never really had a perfect home until it found it's way into Storybook. 
I made the dresser (a kit) eons ago...and, guess what? 
 It fits like a glove in it's new home. 

The CHANDY was a challenge at first....then I got the hang of twisting and bending wire, stringing the beads for light (I'm pretending it works...hehehe), wrapping white paper to imitate the candle, draping the chain with hanging tear drop pearls. 
 The flowers were added to cover up all the "unsightly" wires. 

I didn't address everything going on in the cottage....

If you have any questions, please ask away... I'm happy to share any of my ideas, tricks, mistakes, do's and don'ts...or successes!

It's all a learning process to be passed on. 

Storybook is making me very happy....
once again,

Thanks for stopping by for a visit..... and a BIG THANK YOU to all my new followers!

Have a fantastic mini making week.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Living in a STORYBOOK world.....

Enjoying every minute of it!

It doesn't seem like it changes very much, I revisit the pictures, I realize it changes daily, doesn't it?

So.....what is new? 

More greenery added on both sides.  I don't think you have too much greenery, it just makes the little cottage come alive. 
The overhang/awning is from a Starbucks cup wrap, recognize it?  Very least I think so.
First painted it white then aged it.

I aged everything today...seems to be my new thing. 

 Dunking my finger in brown paint, then rubbing it across the window casings, door trim, window boxes, awning....look out, if it's standing still it will get aged! 

Went to a street faire in Pacific Grove this weekend....that's the town next door to Carmel and found a couple of sweet little "littles".

  Is this little lantern the sweetest thing ever?
  And, the watering can...out of sight in this picture....let's hope there is a shot in the up coming pictures.  lol

Wreath....well, that's metal and from my Scrapbook stash. 
 It got the paint finger treatment with a few different colors. 
 Happy Dance. 

Just more green!

Didn't get much done on the inside.... made the little walkway/library area (sorry it's so blurry), but I'll do better pictures when we get there. 

Books, books and more books...concentrated on making a few more to make me think I've actually accomplished something.   

All the white seems to wash out the picture...certainly can't be me?   lol

Oh, there's the watering can.... once again must apologize...I didn't get a good shot of it. 
So many "littles" to try and photo shoot. 
Pretty cute, huh?   What you can see.

I'm going to start working on the inside next....must get the library finished, so I might finish the backside of the roof.

OH MY.... still so much to do.

We still don't know what the inside is going to be.... any IDEAS?

Have a lovely evening my friends.....

I'm open for any suggestions.  


Friday, April 13, 2012

Storybook is getting pretty

Today has been busy!
Storybook got some pretties added to her front today.
Windows were installed, well...most of them. 
 Made two window boxes...more to go...and filled them with some lovely white flowers, moss and greens.

I have a motto..... "Excellence is in the details".... Well, there are a lot more of those darn details to go. 

 Tired just thinking about them. 

Oh, I stained the front door too.  Needs a knob... can I pull off a bead? 

Or what?  

You can see the window on the right still needs it's window box and pretties. does the window on the left too.   
More work....whew!

I'm really happy with the flooring.... the stain turned out just right. 
Lots of those little sticks, huh? 
Cut, glue, stick.... cut, glue, stick... cut, glue get the idea.  

This little charmer is coming together... don't ya think?

I'm thinking I might work on the inside tomorrow...
we'll see.

Inside....Outside.... ??????


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Storybook and followers...

Worked on Storybook today... did a wooden floor and added wood on the front porch.

Not exciting enough to post pictures...maybe tomorrow it will be picture worthy.

I want to thank all my new followers.... I appreciate each and everyone of you and look forward to getting to know you.

Knowing that you are out there for me, makes my heart sing.

Love hearing from YOU!

Have a funfilled evening...



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Storybook has a mind of it's own!

Storybook got stuccoed inside, painted inside and out and got her roof....well, the front part of her roof.

I chose to use the insert from a outside hanging know those kind that look like fiber.  Got'em from the Dollar store, used about five so far, looks like it will take two more for the backside.

I just kept cutting strips and layering them with hot glue and regular glue.

  I've got to admit, she's way cuter in person than in these pictures, if I do say so myself.
WHEW.... took a lot longer than I thought it should. 
But, she's cute.

I have NO idea what the inside will be... so much too much to think much to create!

kitchen ??
living room??
it's all still up in the air. 

She has a mind of her own.

You've got to over look the "ugly"... we know construction is not a pretty sight.

So, here's a look at the backside with it's teedering roof.... not real great, is it? 
 Much more to do.
  I'm loving the inside color and's going for a shabby chic (duh) look.  

Here she is without the balancing roof act!

Notice I keep calling it a "she/her".  Hummmmm  

My thought is to put a small little walkway above the front door with a railing, then put books on shelving, covering the wall.  Kinda a FAUX library...okay, a real mini library. 

OMgosh I'm getting so excited.

With a hanging Chandy.

Eye candy...Eye candy.

All the ideas could change at a moments notice..
you see, I have a mind of my own too.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring? 

Let's hope more work.

Have a great evening my friends.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Storybook mini house...done MY WAY.

Jumping in feet first at my attempt to make a sweet little cottage dollhouse.

I'm so smitten with Caroline's of *Shop Cinderella Moments* beautiful little houses, that I have to give my hand a try at making one.

Ordered, StoryBook from Greenleaf, stalking the postman each day waiting for it to arrive...finally it's here. 

 Now comes the fun part, or so I thought....NOT.

 Putting it together is proving to not be my cup of tea.
I  did not realize the size of the little thing...way bigger than I wanted. 
 Wasn't paying one bit of attention to the dimension when I ordered it. 
Oh silly me.
After attempting to *make it work*... and it wasn't, I changed my whole plan.

Decided to make my own floor plan...with dremel saw in hand, I've modified the little sucker. 
 It's an on going design other words, I don't have a clue how or what it will turn out like, but.... so far I'm loving it.

My appreciation for building little houses has risen one thousand percent.
  As long as I can do it 'my' way, all is good! 

Much better.
Happy Dance!

Doesn't look like much now....gotta be patient, it's going to be wonderful, she says with such hopefulness.

The outside has been successfully cemented!
 Who knows what twists and turns it will take....only time will tell. 

I have faith... stay with me....this is a work in progress.
So least I'm excited.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hopping by.....

to wish you and your family a wonderful

Happy Holiday my friends.