Friday, January 28, 2011

A gift of cards

Last week I put my Valentine decorations out... you remember I shared pics of them.....thought I was done...but,  then I was gifted these lovely cards, that I had to use. 

I started thinking how can I incorporate them into my "scheme of things" decor.  Should I do a banner?  Yes that could work.....  Should I make a book?  That would work too!   Or, I could frame them...not a bad idea. 

Then this morning while wandering around looking for something to catch my eye....voila, the light bulb when on.  I'll set them in front of each plate, where I already have a theme happening.  I'm lovin' this idea.  No mess...just a little "put and place" and I'm done. 

So here is my sweetness!

 My red plate table scape sure is doing it's job.   Come Easter we'll have a whole new color introduced.

Enjoy RED!         


                                                    Happy Decorating to you all!!

                                                            xoso  SANDY


  1. Hi Sandy,

    The display looks lovely. I especially love the heart head sculpt you have. Who did that, may I ask? That's such a lovely big window you have, too....pretty view!


  2. Hey Sandy - this display is lovely and the cards are beautiful! I never thought I would like red-red, as opposed to barn red, but now I do. You guys are really inspiring me to be different!

    Have a good weekend. I hope to get some crafting in - have to!

  3. Sandy, you have very sharp eyes! Those are tags, and I am addicted to making them. Not sure what to do with them. I've always just made cards, so maybe I could attach them to a card base. Have you made any more Valentine things?