Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little Birdie told me.......

Today would be a fantastic day to go craftin' with my daughter at  Lollygag-Inn ...please FLY over and see her...she'd love to see you.

Got to her house this morning.... cleaned a little,  then flew right into making our Decorated Easter Blocks.

A little bit of vintage....a little bit of new..... 
A little bit of thinking..... and a little bit of glue.

 She has a "fine" collection of vintage know, "the good stuff", that she shares so willingly.  Lucky me!

So, here they are....  one of them is mine the other is hers!

                        Tell me they aren't the cutest little Birdy Blocks you've ever seen! 

The block says it all....
Spring is in the air!

I hope you'll go meet my daughter...she'll be looking for you!



Monday, March 28, 2011

Disney Birthday Tag and wall hanging.....

                    My Sweet Niece ADORES, I thought I'd make her a little wall hanging/big tag for her Birthday card. 
                     {I can't believe she'll be thirty two..time flies!}

                  With the Disney graphics found and printed I started cutting and gluing.   When it comes to embellishments I don't hold back.  Made small tags, added more stuff....put crepe paper around the edges, scoured my stash for flowers, beads, buttons, ribbons, Stickles, jewels, ink, stickers..... then had the best time ever designing something special just for her.

                     I can't say I held back on anything....the skies the limit! 

            The back of the card has a little envelope holding a surprise just for her! 

Have a wonderful day creating!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

BUN~RABS aka Bunnies in pose

All my bunnies hopped outside for a "photo shoot" ....

Here come all my Cotton Tails.... hoppin' down the photo trail.... Hippity hoppin' pictures on their way........

Felt like I had to create a new header for my blog...something reflecting Spring and Easter.... all the bunnies agreed. 

There is a wonderful week awaiting all my lovely friends....
                                      xoso Sandy O

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bunnies on parade......

I almost forgot about my BUNNIES!

Last year on Martha Stewart's show I watched a tutorial on making these Cotton, of course I had to give it a try.

I'll bet if you wanted to make some you could find how on her site....

It takes wire, cotton balls or that cotton you use when giving a perm to keep the liquid from running down your face...Do you know that stuff?  Paint, glue, Styrofoam balls, and decorating, eggs, baskets, chicks, netting, lace, whatever suits your fancy. 

 It's really easy once you get it's all about wrapping. 

I was looking in my ~shopping closet~ (that's where I store all my decorator items) and I ran across them.....WHOA... I CAN HAVE MY OWN EASTER EGG HUNT.... I'd forgotten I had them.  What dumb luck! 
My favorite place to decorate is my dining room buffet...unfortunately it's right in front of the big window... please bare with me and the  dark photos.  

 My daughter has just given me a suggestion for this years bunnies....
I think I'll HOP into my craft room and start designing these newest BUN~RABS!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the Cotton Tails~~~~~~~

                  xoso Sandy O

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wreath Re-Do....ready for Spring!

              It was time to redo the wreath for Spring! 
 I bought some sweet little purple and yellow Pansy's at Michael's  (50% off) and three little Easter Eggs to adorn the center!    Removed last months decorations and added the new purchases! 

 I'd say it says SPRING has arrived...even though it's pouring down buckets of rain, making it feel like winter.
Oh this weather!  As long as I don't have to go out in it, I'm a happy girl. 

           My door is always open, welcoming you all to come in and visit~

                 Have a wonderful day doing whatever you are doing!

                                    See ya later....xoso Sandy O

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easter Spring Tree.....Come look!

I know you wanna see how cute my Easter Spring Tree turned out...  I'm sooo happy with the end result...doesn't it just "shout"  *Spring is here*?   Come have a look see!

 Amy , her daughter Haley and I decided we wanted to create, for the last couple days this has been our main focus. 

We've decorated eggs, made cards and boxes with pictures from Karen's site at GraphicFairys (she is so generous), added dead hydrangea's sprinkled with lots of glitter, birds, birds and more birds with their little nests and lace crowns, plaster of Paris to secure the branch/tree sprayed white in the pot, old book pages cut with Martha Stewart scissors stuffed in the pot to give the look of grass, vintage postcards, must have some bling...out came the crystals.   As if the glitter wasn't enough!

Oh, I must not forget the little itty bitty lights that work off batteries strung up the tree and around the branches, secured with wire.

 It just glows at night, but so hard to capture the look in a picture. 

I hope you'll get all a "twitter" and want to create one of these little birdy trees for your house.  It's such a fun project and easy!

                                  It's proudly displayed in the corner of the dining room.....


                                                                         xoso  SANDY O