Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Minis: Are you hungry? Welcome to my kitchen

I chose the hardest room in the house for the kitchen...who puts a kitchen in the room with slanted ceilings?  

 I did. 

Wanted to make it a kitchen/dining room/breakfast nook....and, this was the only room that was big enough....but a challenge. 

It turned out better than I anticipated...

What do you think?

I had an issue with the pot rack...where was it going to go???
  Because of the slanted ceiling, there needed to be some creative way to hang it and still fit in all the furniture.
Light bulb went on! 
 I'll take a decorative piece of outside trim and turn it into a unique ceiling piece that would hold the pot rack. 

I have quiet a few Besqac pieces of furniture but, I didn't want to go that direction with this kitchen.....so, I had to dig through my older minis to see what I could come up with.
Don't get rid of your old *littles* you never know when you can use them.

Back in the day the kitchen units/cabinets were a beautiful mahogany...Bespac, of course...but, I painted them.. OH NO... I actually took perfectly perfect furniture and painted it.

  Well, they just didn't work for me any longer.
I use to be afraid to redo good pieces of furniture...but, no more.  I can paint with out batting an eye. 
So, I made it look old and shabby.  Notices the long twisted wire pulls that I created for the fronts of the units.  

The lace curtain was made from the one inch pleater... that little sucker comes in handy.

A good shot of the wire pulls.... two pieces of wire twisted together and shoved in the holes. 

 I need more cute things to go on this unit.... more things to make..OR BUY.

I seem to have an overkill of suitcases...you guessed, I like to buy them.

Got a great idea to make it a picnic case...

 Much more work needed...it needs to be cute and look like what it's suppose to be, instead of all the goodies just thrown in there. 
 You get the idea.

I have so many things to  FINE TUNE and CREATE.... that's the fun part for me. 

The dessert table is waiting for all the little sticky fingers to arrive.


I thought my vision of a FRENCH feel and look would rise from the ashes...but, don't think I accomplished that.

Oh well... it is what it is...think you could call it a little bit country..with a tad of shabby chic. 

What ever it is, I'm happy with my two days of work. 

Now, the fun part....making and designing some new accessories for the room. 
 Cookbooks, real pillows, finished picnic basket, napkins and place mats,  and.... little accessories to set around to complete the look. 

The unfinished  look on the left side of the hutch will be filled with pictures...just couldn't decide which ones would work. 

Must think!

I'm getting all my rooms in some kind of order, then I'll work on the *fine tuning* of the entire house, room by room.

Have a lovely day doing what makes you HAPPY.




  1. Love your little kitchen. I would have fun playing in it! I love fussy little tiny things!
    I know youre having fun there.
    have a great day

  2. Your kitchen looks great, love all of the little details.Gorgeousx

  3. Hi Sandy,
    The realism is incredible. Love the circular rug, the desserts, lemonade pitcher, and the little picnic basket! Everything! It's difficult to tell the difference between your mini-kitchen, and a real one in a home decorating magazine. Bravo!!!! :D


  4. Oh Sandy,
    I love, love, love it.....you inspire me to work! Spent yesterday on my stairs.....but at least their all in, now just all the trim! thank you for sharing your wonderful kitchen with us :)

  5. Absolutley adorable in every way possible! Your attention to detail is amazing. I would love to just sit and soak in all the teeny tiny cuteness in that little kitchen.

  6. Es una fantastica cocina, preciosos todos los detalles que has utilizado.
    Me encanta esa vajilla.
    besitos ascension

    1. Thanks for stopping by again... I so look forward to my new mini friends visiting.
      Have a great day.

  7. Hi Sandy, I love all the tiny accessories in your mini kitchen! I have a new doll house soon- which I have been slowly posting on my blog. What scale is yours?

    Sandy ;) xox

    1. Sandy... Thanks for your lovely comments. My scale is 1 inch 1:12..I also have a half in house which is a bit behind my bigger one. It all takes so much time.
      Have a fantastic day.
      xoso Sandy

    2. Sandy, Your kitchen came out incredible. I love how cozy everything looks! Nice details!

  8. Adorable kitchen!! I love it,

  9. I LOVE IT! That ceiling trim is genius. The wire pull is a great tip. I think your kitchen is drop dead gorgeous!

  10. Lovely kitchen, you did a great work, congratulations!

  11. Sandy your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I just love the shabby feel! You did a wonderful job pulling it all together! I just found your blog, have grabbed another cup of coffee this morning and I'm ready to sit down for a read! Thank you for your posts! Carolyn

    1. Thanks for finding me... and, I hope you'll come back and visit often.
      Did I entertain you with your coffee? Isn't looking at blogs (especially mini ones) the best. Have a great day.


  12. Sandy I forgot...I wanted to ask...wherever did you get the tablecloth on the dining table. It is Gorgeous and i don't remember ever seeing anything like it. Is it cloth or paper? Handmade or not? And I also wanted to mention how much I liked how you worked out the issue of the hanging pot rack! Brilliant and beautiful! Sincerely, Carolyn

  13. Hello... The table cloth is a very delicate doily, isn't it sweet. A few weeks back, while perusing an antique store a couple of these little guys jumped into my hand. I knew it was perfect for the table, it lays so wonderfully and is just the right scale. Thanks for all you sweet comments... makes my heart sing. Yesterday I moved my dollhouse...it took a little ride from my little house (studio) into my real house...omgosh did it have a huge earthquake. jiggle jiggle..shake shake... Now, I have a HUGE mess to put back together.. What was I thinking? Can't leave well enough alone. I'll be fun putting it back together.
    Have a fun filled mini kinda day.