Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mini kitchen make over...whew....what a mess!!

I have to say, I didn't do it anything like I was going too.
I'd planned to make it all shabby chic...but, it didn't fall that direction. 
You know, mini worlds have a mind of their own.

I had to rip all the paper off the walls, how ugly is that?
Then figure out how and what to do.

It's all a work in progress and who knows, it might change more...oh heck, I'm sure it will change more.

Now I'm going with a *Frenchy* look...what ever that is????

I have to design it with what I've collected....lets see what that turns into. 

Here's my mess! 

I had to tear off all the wallpaper... ick, that wasn't fun. 
 You're probably wondering whats going on in the middle of the floor.... Well, that's covering up the hole where the staircase is SUPPOSE to go.  I don't like staircases..they take up tooooo much room. to address the wallpaper issue.   I was worried that putting paper on the uneven wall would be a disaster, so...... I put it on cardboard, then glued the cardboard to the wall. 
You are never going to believe what the wallpaper is??? 

 You know those old vintage photo albums, with the soft paper,  yummy carmel color...yep,  that's what I used.  Now, that's thinking outside the box, don't ya think?
  Doesn't it look kind of suede like?  If you can't see'll have to take my word for looks suedey.
  (I have my own language)

It's making me happy.


Happy Dance! 

Now, the floor issue. 

I have a couple options....

 My daughter suggested cork for the flooring...thats what you are seeing here.

Not sure if it's the final answer, but it looks pretty good.

Now the room is taking on a completely different look.

I repainted the kitchen units... they are sitting/laying holding down the cork floor. 

 What a sight.

I grabbed a few things to stage the look.... now, what will I use?

Your guess is as good as mine as to what the end result will be....

I chose these brown pieces of furniture...they could get painted white.  We'll see.

So much more work....


How did your day go?

Any mini playing?






  1. Bonjour,

    Merci pour votre gentil message laissé sur mon blog je suis enchantée de vous connaître et de suivre votre blog.
    Merci beaucoup et bonne contiunuation dans vos créations.
    Meilleurs sentiments

  2. Your choice of wall covering is a very neat idea, I love it!! also the cork on the floor. I see so many lovely things in your room and can't wait to see what you end up with. I also had so many plans with my cottage when I started, but now just have to go with the flow, and everything seems to change as it comes along, so much fun :)

    1. I'm certainly thinking outside the box with this remodel... Going with the flow is certainly the way to do it...otherwise, I think we'd go crazy. Okay, crazier!hehehe
      Who knows what it will turn out like, I'm going to be surprised too. Thanks for stopping by and posting.
      Another fun day in the little house playing with the mini house...I must give it a name, poor thing. That should be interesting.
      Have a great day.

  3. Sandy your site is awesome! Love to see what you'll do with this renovation! The furniture is lovely.


  4. Hi Sandy,

    Your mini remodel looks great so far, and what a neat bunch of goodies to play with. I have played mini this past week. A neighbor had a dollhouse bookcase, just the right size for Barbies, and I wanted something fun to do so I decorated it for her and her daughter. I'll be posting about it in a few days, so keep a look out.