Friday, March 25, 2011

Bunnies on parade......

I almost forgot about my BUNNIES!

Last year on Martha Stewart's show I watched a tutorial on making these Cotton, of course I had to give it a try.

I'll bet if you wanted to make some you could find how on her site....

It takes wire, cotton balls or that cotton you use when giving a perm to keep the liquid from running down your face...Do you know that stuff?  Paint, glue, Styrofoam balls, and decorating, eggs, baskets, chicks, netting, lace, whatever suits your fancy. 

 It's really easy once you get it's all about wrapping. 

I was looking in my ~shopping closet~ (that's where I store all my decorator items) and I ran across them.....WHOA... I CAN HAVE MY OWN EASTER EGG HUNT.... I'd forgotten I had them.  What dumb luck! 
My favorite place to decorate is my dining room buffet...unfortunately it's right in front of the big window... please bare with me and the  dark photos.  

 My daughter has just given me a suggestion for this years bunnies....
I think I'll HOP into my craft room and start designing these newest BUN~RABS!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the Cotton Tails~~~~~~~

                  xoso Sandy O


  1. I ADORE your bunnies! The person you saw on Martha is Crystal and this is her site if you want to have a peek at her new easter friends! also on her side bar you can find a clip of her on Martha. Now I want to make some!
    have a great weekend
    Ps.. I'm having an easter giveaway, be sure to stop by!!

  2. Those are some cute little bunnies! Love them.

  3. Hi Sandy, Thanks so much for stopping by I love making new friends! Those bunnies are soooooo cute I love them! Your buffet looks beautiful. Have a great weekend, Martina

  4. Hi Sandy! Thanks for paying our GGJ Blog a visit! Now your bunnies are looking quite "spiffy" and I love how you have them all lined up on your buffet!! They are getting ready for the Easter parade! Oh, the view out your window is awesome too! Look forward to following your blog....Cathy aka GGJ

  5. Those are sooooo them in front of your window!! Happy Spring!

  6. I very much enjoyed the cotton tails they are items I would sell in my Shoppe very cute. The arrangement is breathtaking along with the bunnies just adds to the whimsy. Beautifully done.
    Happy Sunday,

  7. What cute bunnies! And you displayed them so nicely. Looks like once you find something you like, you keep making them. I'm the same way, I keep at it until I have one of every color, or so many I have to give them away!