Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wreath Re-Do....ready for Spring!

              It was time to redo the wreath for Spring! 
 I bought some sweet little purple and yellow Pansy's at Michael's  (50% off) and three little Easter Eggs to adorn the center!    Removed last months decorations and added the new purchases! 

 I'd say it says SPRING has arrived...even though it's pouring down buckets of rain, making it feel like winter.
Oh this weather!  As long as I don't have to go out in it, I'm a happy girl. 

           My door is always open, welcoming you all to come in and visit~

                 Have a wonderful day doing whatever you are doing!

                                    See ya later....xoso Sandy O


  1. That is an absolutely stunning door and wreath, sweetpea! Just gorgeous.

  2. Hi Sandy~Nice to meet you! Thanks for the visit and I too am your newest follower.I know I am so excited to go to France but also very nervous.I have never been so far away from my family.I am so ready for spring too~Cheers Kim

  3. Hi Sandy,

    I am so happy that you went to Blessings! I have never eaten at the Red House, but I will have to give it a try next time I am there. PG is just such a charming place. You grew up there didn't you?

    I love your spring wreath on your front door. It is so bright and cheery - perfect during this dreary weather. I think we are all ready for spring!

    Have a lovely day, neighbor!


  4. Hi Sandy!

    What a terrific blog! Thanks for stopping by and visiting and your sweet comment about my chunky art book. Consider me a new follower!


  5. Lovely wreath! And lovely blog! I just had to follow. I mean, any lady of such mature age and beauty who is willing to not only dress as a fairy but then post it for all the world to see --- well, she's just my kind of gal!

  6. LOVELY! and you reminded me that I have a spring wreath put away in my back room! gotta dig that out!
    Happy friday!

  7. What a wonderful wreath! It's so full, just like spring bursting out. Mine looks a little wimpy now, must get more to fill it up!

  8. Hi Sandy,

    That's a beautiful wreath, and it should be just enough to keep your heart happy till the snow is actually gone. Here's hoping you have a beautiful spring!


  9. Looking Good! Now I want to see one on the 'Wheel Estate' Have a super day, catch you later.

  10. Sandy~ Your wreath turned out beautiful! It sure does say spring! I need to get mine out of storage...but it is cold and rainy here too! Hugs!

  11. Hi, nice to meet you. I thank you so much for coming by. Hope you will come often.
    Now, girlfriend...that is one pretty wreath. So large and just full of sweetness.
    I love it and you did a great job.
    xo bj

  12. Sandy, it looks fabulous. I love the pansies and the eggs are wonderful. I just redid the wreath on my door also. Seems it is time for a little spring look. Thanks so much for the visit and your gracious comments. Hugs, Marty

  13. Oh, thanks for the reminder, Sandy! I have a pansy arrangement stored in a cupboard that I bring out every spring. It's time! Snow on the ground but time for spring INSIDE!
    Hugs, Diane