Tuesday, March 15, 2011



My doll addiction has decided to unveil itself today!

I've loved dolls my entire life, collected them over the years,
these Fashion Dolls are my latest love.

Last year I made a Creative Memories calendar, dressing each of the girls in holiday attire... 
here are my ladies in GREEN!

I know it's crazy...but, oh SO fun!

I'll be sharing each holiday with the girls dressed differently (I kind of got carried away buying
clothes, shoes, hats, purses, accessories) Easter will be revealed in April!

Props were so much fun finding....they are sitting on a candle holder. Funny, huh?
I know you're wondering where they live.....
 in their own cabinet!

Thought you'd enjoy a little girl fun.

Thanks for PLAYING with me!
Xoso Sandy O


  1. They're soooooo cute! Love the curly redhead with her scarf & hat tilted 'just so'! How clever you are with the bar & barstools - & everything else too.
    Such fun!

  2. Love that you play with dolls (the redhead is my fav) I went nuts-O at Walmart last Sunday and bought a couple families of Woodzeez (tiny animals with clothes and furniture) it's so good to share with you girls who "get it" ... Yahoo for make believe ! E in TN

  3. Fun....love that you dress them for the Holidays. I have a thing for little stuffed deermice...lol. They are prim...and I found a girl sassyredhead to make them for me. I have them for Chirstmas, Halloween...and now...after seeing your dolls...I will have to have her make me some tiny green hats...LOL. What a hoot! TFS!

  4. Hi Sandy,
    I love how you displayed your dolls! They are beautiful. I am a doll lover too! Everytime I buy another doll my husbands say, "Oh gosh, hon, I'm really glad you bought another doll, you hardly have any." LoL! And do you know what I say? "Yeah, I know!" Ha! Thanks for sharing...I can't wait to play again at Easter time!

  5. Your dolls are so cute. I've thought about getting some American Girl dolls, I think their accessories are so cute, but I've never done it. Maybe someday...

  6. I love your dollies! I have a collection of my childhood doll, Tammy, along with clothes, furniture, even family (minus the TOO expensive boyfriend! Aren't they always, in the end?) But yours are gorgeous. Wherever did you get the darling Fishermen knit sweaters for them?