Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patty's Pops

Yummy Yummy St. Patty's Pops!

Little Guy working his magic making POPS!

Can you see the forest for the trees?

We made this batch of Pops with Devils Food Cake, Milk Chocolate Frosting and melting chocolate in green and white..... then embellished with all kinds of sprinkles...nuts, mini chips and Little Guys favorite Fruity Pebbles.... 

This is our newest we'll be making our Easter Pops.  

Don't they look pretty? 

My little guy and his Mama had been counting the days down until Sunday to come up to Gammy and Papas and make....... St. Patty's Pops! 

 He had been looking forward all week to his cooking time, unfortunatly he felt a little bit under the weather....but, that didn't stop him.............he forged on and look at all the POPS we made. 

                                            Grandkids....such a blessing!

                       Have a wonderful week.............Get your Green ON!

                                                         xoso Sandy O



  1. mY Oh mY are these good!!! I've already ate two today...and can't stop thinking about three and four...

  2. Not only do these look pretty...they look yummy...and I see Stacey has already had two boys and I might try to make some of these! Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog. hugs!