Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little Birdie told me.......

Today would be a fantastic day to go craftin' with my daughter at  Lollygag-Inn ...please FLY over and see her...she'd love to see you.

Got to her house this morning.... cleaned a little,  then flew right into making our Decorated Easter Blocks.

A little bit of vintage....a little bit of new..... 
A little bit of thinking..... and a little bit of glue.

 She has a "fine" collection of vintage know, "the good stuff", that she shares so willingly.  Lucky me!

So, here they are....  one of them is mine the other is hers!

                        Tell me they aren't the cutest little Birdy Blocks you've ever seen! 

The block says it all....
Spring is in the air!

I hope you'll go meet my daughter...she'll be looking for you!




  1. Sandy, The big But.... yes things are tight for a lot of us, with the gas prices at $4.00 and more that alone is a killer on extra spending. And I do understand that a lot of the women we know are talented and can create their own Spring delights. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a suggestion all the input the better. I am really learning from all the different comments. I sure do think the Honeycomb chicks on the Spring Blocks is a darling idea, I bet you two had a great time creating together. oxox, Diane

  2. Sandy, I love all your spring projects and these little birdy blocks are the cutest! Wasn't the weather lovely today? It sure does feel like spring!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your really nice comment about my chandelier :) I got the idea for the wooden danglers from a chandelier I saw in a magazine.

    Have a great week, neighbor!


  3. Thanks Momma for a super duper day and for all your help with getting my crafting room straightened up! It is so nice to be able to walk in there again!!! I had so much fun "crappin" with you!!! LOL and soooo looking forward to spending Saturday with hunting for more junk and crap to craft and decorate with!!! Thanks for linking my site too! Love you Momma you're the best!

  4. How wonderful to have a crafting day with your daughter! These little birds on the blocks are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So SUPER cute. Made even more wonderful because you got to craft with your daughter. One of my favorite things on earth to do. : )

  6. Oh, they're just so cute! What a clever idea - and fun to craft with your daughter too! Will have to go visit.

  7. Oh how cute, Sandy! I'm wanting to know what the blocks are made of. I'll go see your daughter now! ♥

  8. These birdies are so cute. I love using the plastic knife and fork. I would never have thought of that. BTW - the photos are very well done. I envy you having a daughter to craft with. My youngest son is kind of arty, but the last time he crafted with me was about 10 years ago.(When he was 10!)

  9. Oh Sandy! The forks and knives just put these over the top with cuteness. Wonderful! Letting you know the HH link is open to post April tags. Looking forward! Elizabeth

  10. Sandy these birds are the cutest ever I wish you told us a little about how you made them and those darling bunnies too all in a row, love them!!