Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Homemaker March Tag

       Hey all my tag swapping friends!

                Looks like our Happy Homemaker March tags are almost ready to reveal.....I was going to wait
                until the tenth to show mine...but, I can't wait!

            My theme is little vintage greeting card girls, coordinated with the *Calendar Girl* song by Neil        Sedaka.
            The song starts out like this:

                          January starts the year out fine
                          February your my little Valentine

And now it's March!

March is all about a wedding. 
                         *March I'm gonna march you down the aisle*

The only new embellishment I chose to use on the tag is Martha Stewarts Flocking Powder, color Swan.  If you haven't used this yet, boy is it neat.

  Cover whatever part you want to flock with glue, in my case I used it on her sash and the ribbon in her hair....then sprinkle the flocking on, tap the excess off and wait for it to dry. 

Remember the fuzzy vintage cards?  This is exactly what it turns into.  So cool. 

This was my telling part....let's get on with the showing!

This has been a really fun tag to create..... hope you all had just as much fun making yours!

See you in April.



  1. Sandy,
    That's such a cute little girl on your March tag! I'll have to get some of that flocking to try - it sounds like a fun new enhancement. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. Eeek! So cute, Sandy! I'm in love with vintage/paper forget me knots! ♥

  3. Oops! "Forget me "NOTS" :) I knew something was amiss.

  4. Your card is so cute. I do remember those cards with the flocking. I thought they were so special when I was a little girl. And you made this one special, too.

  5. Love the little girl she is as cute as can be. The flowers, the bling on her shoes. Just love it.

  6. This is wonderful to actually see flocking "in person"! I have always wanted to give it a try. The colors are so beautiful. Boy is this ever a cute tag! Thank you so much for continuing to Tag Along with me! Elizabeth

  7. soooo cute i love this little girl she is to cute

  8. She is absolutely adorable! I had completely forgotten that song and now it is running in my head. LOL

  9. This is so sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm about to become your latest follower too!


  10. Love the flowers, flocking, the cutey pie girl...all of it is adorable! Happy March! xoxo Nancy

  11. SWEET. I love the theme. The flowers are just the perfect touch.

  12. What a darling little tag, this little sweetie couldn't be cuter.

  13. So cute! I love your theme. TFS about Martha's flocking powder. I'll have to get me some and give it a try :)

  14. How cute-- your theme is just so adorable!! I love the flocking stuff and discovered that you can mix colors together to get custom colors!!!