Saturday, February 26, 2011

SNOW.....We got SNOW... In California!

Today has been exciting...we got SNOW... can you believe that? 

 We never get snow, it's been like a hundred years or so since it snowed here.  That's a WOW kinda day!

Everyone taking pictures and posting on facebook...I mean this is huge.

  Storm watch 2011...made the correct prediction.  And, we all thought those silly weathermen didn't know what they were talking about.  Hummm 

 Egg on our faces!  Or no, that's snow. 

I'll give you a little look-see!

 I ran out in my bare coat, no hat, no gloves....cuz is doesn't snow it California.  My hair is wet and snow damp, my feet are freezing, my shirt is getting wet....but, it doesn't snow in California. 

I quickly hand made (is there any other way?) these sweet snowmen...afraid the snow would melt before I got them completed.  As you can see my hair is a mess, I'm a mess, but who cares... it's SNOWING!

How pretty is this itty bitty snow scene in the front yard?

And, the deck scene in the back....'s a lovely snow day.

I had to share this remarkable event with all of you... it's almost to much to take in.  SNOW! 

I wanted to lay down and send snow angels to you all.....but, that was a bit overboard.

xoso Sandy O


  1. LOL, the snow really does look pretty there. However, here, not so much anymore. LOL 10 inches on the ground and all covered in ice from our latest storm.

  2. Ha-ha! Well, I'm glad for *you*, Sandy! I'm *trying* to love the several feet of snow that we have but since we've had it since November, it's getting a bit tough! :)

  3. So happy for you! We heard they were expecting snow for the Academy Awards, but thought that would never happen. Well, maybe not that far south. Where are you, anyway? And did it stay very long? You should put some snow in your freezer for posterity!