Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweet weather in California

The porch was looking pretty needed some sprucing up, after all it is the changing of the season!


A little purple here a little yellow there....they are so darn pretty, don't ya think?

 The wreath was looking a bit tacky...needed a little, I added more green and three little Valentine Cards...thinking it's got the holiday spirit happenin' now. 

California is giving us some pretty sweet weather. never know, it could turn on a dime and rain tomorrow, that's the weather forecast here on the home front.

 It's feelin' like what does that mean?   New plants, new flowers, a little color on the front porch!  Not ready for the rest of the yard, frost could still sneak up on us. 

Felt good to get my hands dirty today.... hope your day was fun too.

                                                   xoso Sandy O


  1. You are so lucky. I would love to play in the dirt, but the closest I'll get to it is starting some seeds indoors. You front porch looks so nice. I love the colors.

  2. Oh, my! I love the wreath and the flowers - the flowering cabbage looks so good with them! Very pretty sprucing up!

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by! I'm just a beginner :)

  3. Wow what a visual treat! Aren't primroses just the happiest plants? they almost don't seem real.

  4. What a beautiful state California is! What a beautiful wreath for your front door. I wanted to let you know that I have created a blog just for our homemaker tags at (notice no . after www I don't know why) This will allow you to easily visit past month's tags without having to wade through all of the posts on my blog. (You can also reach blog by clicking on HH button on my side bar) You can paste address to your own button for easy access. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's tags, and I can't wait to see yours! Elizabeth