Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Show and tell.......fireplace redo!

The fireplace was calling me! 

 I did a little redo to it....since the room is getting a slight makeover with the black and tan toile I thought it would be fun to start moving things around in there.

The wreath was made with  Romance novel pages rolled up and secured on a wire wreath.  I had picked up a box of vintage postcards at a yard sale, not having a clue how I would use them.....well, when the wreath turned out too small, the only thing to do was add them to the outside, suspended from wire. 

 I made the little flowers from some kind of cleaning mop, which I found at the dollar store.  Tore it apart and added glitter, buttons and pearls. 

 I think the sepia and black and white cards mix nicely together.

                        The book wouldn't stand open......so, I tied each side with jute....gives it another texture.

A few months back the idea of making a crown would not leave my head...so, this is my creation.  Thought it was lovely on the Mercury glass candle holder. 

Had fun redoing....not sure if it will stay this way, but.... I had a great time creating the vignette.

                              My show and tell for the day!
                                                           xoso Sandy O


  1. Sandy - That looks fabulous. The whole shebang...every bit is fabulous! So the flowers on the wreath are made from a mop? I'd love to try some. Can't wait to see your room. xoxo Nancy

  2. Wow, Sandy, so many good ideas. I love the crown and the flowers are great. All together it makes a beautiful display.

  3. The whole vingette is gorgeous but that wreath is AMAZING!
    ::::::scurrying off to thrift store for old romance novels:::::

  4. Sandy, Your vignette is gorgeous! I love the old books in your display and your bookpage wreath is wonderful. I can't believe that those lovely flowers are made from a mop! Oh, and that crown is amazing!