Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toile Wall Swag Reveal~~~~~

                                    Another phase of the bedroom done! 

        The toile fabric came...omgosh does it make me happy!  I think toile has to be one of my favorite fabrics of all time! 

         I danced around on the bed (like I seem too do with all my furniture) trying to hang and design the swag.  It turned out just like I wanted....whew!!!!!

        I've still got a yards left....not sure what I will be making next. 
                        Pillows???  Window treatments???  Bedding???  I must think! 

       So, you've got the fireplace vignette across from this newest addition...just to give you and idea of where I'm heading with this redo.

     What do you think?  

                                       Input is always welcomed!!!    I love love love new ideas!!!!

                                                                   Enjoy your day!
                                                                            XOSO SANDY O


  1. I think it looks wonderful! I love the little bunched up flower in the middle, it really softens the whole look and takes it that extra mile.


  2. It's beautiful! What an elegant looking room!

  3. Hi Sandy! Thanks so much for being my newest follower and for your sweet comment on my guy valentine project! :) My honey loved his gift! :)
    Your toile is just lovely...toile is one of my all time favorite fabrics! :)
    Have a great day friend

  4. What a beautiful bedroom you have! I love it all. So romantic looking.

  5. This is gorgeous Sandy! I love the brown toile and the way you hung it above the bed. The whole room is beautiful and elegant!

  6. This looks really pretty, Sandy! I love toile myself, so I love your choice! This is a nice way to get that canopied look without having a canopy bed or having to screw wood into the ceiling.

    I saw your comment on Elizabeth's blog post and thought I'd come say hello!

  7. Sandy it looks beautiful!! Martina