Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reveal.......The HAPPY DANCE!!

Here is my messy craft room before the dance of the furniture.

Our octagon house is one that is pretty hard to decorate...if you've ever tried to make a room work with different sized walls you know what I'm talking about.  I measured and measured to see if I could squeeze the "hulk" into the fit.  So we (me and the mouse in my pocket) did the dance.
 I would have left well alone........but, I wanted the huge white cabinet out of the bedroom.  As I said earlier, I'm redoing or should I say *embellishing* the bedroom with new fabric...Black toile that is on order and the big hulk just wasn't working in there any longer.  

I talked to my daughter (Lollygag-Inn blog) and she said.....*Be careful Mom, we are getting old*.   GETTING.... I'm already OLD.  So sweet of her to be worried about me.  Love that girl.

Spent the entire day in there and there is still more to do...always more to do.  But, I'm confident that I did the best I could do. 

It amazes me how by moving a few key pieces, the room works better than it ever has before. 

Happy Dance..... Happy Dance..... Guess I've danced enough today. 


                                         Take a chance and DANCE..... xoso Sandy O


  1. You have to take the highlight button off on the edit post. That's all. Go back and edit the post and highlight the text that's yellow, hit the highlight button and remove the highlight....Renee

  2. Boy oh boy you sure have been dancing today!!! No wall flower are you... Love your new look!!! So open and roomy...the shelf at the end of the table looks ttteeerrriiifffiiiccc!!!! Great Job Momma!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the new fabric in your room...Dance like no one is watching...but know we all are!!! xoox

  3. Love your craft room. It looks so arty and pretty. I like the storage boxes. Are they covered in wallpaper?

  4. What a gorgeous room!! I LOVe the chandelier. I'm thinking of redoing my room (AGAIN--my furniture has frequent flyer miles on it!!)

  5. Sandy this looks like a room that you would get lost in for days creating and not want to come out. That makes it perfect. I love the cups strung on ribbon. It is really beautiful...Renee

  6. Sandy, thank your leaving me a comment about my stenciled bucket and becoming a new follower of my blog! I am now following your blog too. We are practically neighbors in real life - I live in Soquel.

    I am in love with your amazing craft room! I thought it was a little shop when I first saw the photos, before I read your post. It is gorgeous!