Sunday, February 27, 2011

A NEW header....

    I'm so Mr. Wonderful helped me make a new header for my blog, I think it looks really nice.

    I ran around the house taking pictures of things that I looks like the dogs won out. 

                     XOSO SANDY O


  1. HI Sandy, I like your header. Very fancy with 4 pictures!
    We're watching the Oscar's too. I've only seen Black Swan and the Social Network, so I want one of those to win. Ha!
    I'll have to look on a map to see where you live. Did I tell you we were in San Diego last spring? My husband had lived on Coronado Island years ago and I always wanted to see where he lived. It was great and I want to go back sometime.
    Well, I'd better get back to the TV and see who's winning. Talk to you soon.

  2. Sandy, your new header looks very sharp! Now if only those doggies were cats ... lol, I'm a cat person!
    I've started working on a blog too, but haven't got nearly as far as you have. Haven't even added much this month due to modem problems & other things, but I'll get back to it soon.

  3. Too funny...our little Buckaroo quickly played "Name what room that dog is in"....I'm pretty sure he got them all right!!! He will have to play with you... LOL

  4. Oh I'd love to learn how to make a header like that! I have a Mr. Wonderful, too. He's the one who calls Dell when we have a computer problem! It stresses me out too much!

    I'm a cat person but my boys always have dogs and I think puppies are the cutest things! Well, any baby animal is cute- as long as I don't have to tend to it! :) Have a happy Monday! ♥

  5. Nice job! Kuddos to that guy. Miss you!

  6. great banner! perfect with the dogs in it!
    have a great week