Monday, November 15, 2010

WOW.... World of Whimsy

I've been collecting miniatures for years, have had big houses, little houses, more than one house...well, lets just say I've had my share of houses.  But, this year I decided to dump the house and make a "world of whimsy... WOW!   So, I waltzed the tall white cupboard out of the bathroom and started a remodel on it.  The floors are all moss, the walls are scrapping paper, and the rest  are bits and pieces that I collected  from my crafts supplies.  It has the theme of Alice and Wonderland...that just seemed so appropiate, don't you think?  Big..little...tiny...rabbits, animals, forks and spoons, jewels, and the list goes on.  Have a gander.

                                  XOSO  SANDY


  1. OH MY HEAVENS!!! What a feast for the eyes!!! How I would love to sit in front of your world of whimsy and just soak it in!! Very Cute!



  2. hmm...well well well ...I love your cute shed...I have a shed too...It is called The Salty is a garden shed

  3. Sandy, This truly is a whimsical creation. I love the background scrap images! The toad on the bed is so wonderful! Yes, please do take a spot in my Valentine's Day Tag swap. I won't be giving out details until January, but spots fill up quickly. I will hold a spot for you, plenty of time to decide. The tags will be 3x6 (I will tell you later how to construct them) and use vintage Valentine images from the 1930's which I will give examples. There will be 20 to make, expect each to take an hour; so it really is a time commitment. Thank you so much for inquiring! Elizabeth