Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh My we hate like pigs and laughed our selves silly...what a fun day!

Whew, the day was a success!
 What a great time we all had together sitting around the table, laughing, telling stories of the past and present, moaning and groaning cuz we all ate too much, but.... still talking about our leftover feast we will enjoy today.
 Mr. Chef packs them all up a goodie bag (he cooks enough so they can all have some to take home) then they can remember the day and what fun it was while stuffing their faces again!!!!!  We think Thanksgiving is as much about the leftovers as the meal itself.   We are all so THANKFUL!!!  Very Greatful!
A side note: He just brought me my coffee with a christmas tree image on the top (he thinks he's a Starbucks is that just the sweetest jesture?  I'm really lucky in the food department..that's why a huge diet is starting on the first...Guess we might be going to get our tree today...subtle image.  Thanks my Mr. Chef!
Our birthday girl turned 45...actually tomorrow is the real day, but is celebrated on Thanksgiving...... cake, candles, singing, pumpkin cheese cake....Oh my, here I go again on the food.  lol   
I sure hope all my friends out in this fantastic blogging world had a day to "remember" too. 
The christmas boxes are calling me............ love to you all.....
                                  xoso  Sandy


  1. Hi, Sandy! You must have just barely stopped by before I looked at my blog...just a few minutes ago it looks like!

    I live in Salinas...very close to Carmel, too! Looks like we have a few blog friends in common...especially Elizabeth! (Love her!)

    Blogging is such fun! I've been at it for a little over a year now, and enjoy every bit of it!

    So lovely to meet you--I'll be following along & will be back often!


  2. Hi Julie...It's so nice to meet you...I will be watching you and sharing all our novel ideas for decorating, crafting, and the list goes on. Thanks for following me... this blogging is very new to me...lots to learn, especially about "give aways"... I know nothing about how to even go about those. Perhaps you can be my teacher.. thanks for being my new friend. xoso Sandy