Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rearranging my blog

I can't leave well enough alone... I always have to be messing with things...   Hence the changes I've made to my site....and, they I'm not done yet, as if you couldn't tell.  Had to go outside and help paint the house, so I couldn't continue on with all this nonsense.  LOL  Be patient with me, sooner or later I'll get it right.  Thanks for looking!   xoso Sandyh


  1. WoW!
    Looking good, and as we know............It will Never be done, rather a work in progress. We like it that way!

  2. Oh Sandy! I have never seen anything as cute as your little snowmen ornaments! They are wonderful! I was absolutely crossing my fingers that mine would turn out at all. There is not a tutorial for the little skiing peg dolls but there is a basic instruction for on my side bar. I really do need to create categories because there are so many crafts to wade through. Very easy to make, The little clothes were just rectangles glued in place, same with the arms. I will be making more pegdolls soon, and I will be sure and post a tutorial again. Your blog is just lovely! I look forward to future crafts and inspiration! Elizabeth