Monday, November 22, 2010

My Peg Ski Girls are finally finished...Yippy!

     Thank you so much Elizabeth of Creative Breathing for your inspiration and thoughtfulness in helping me get these little girls done.  This year I've decided to incorporate this new funny lime green that they are showing in all the magazines and stores.  Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without some red thrown in, now would it?
 I got just a little carried away thinking I needed a bunch of them to hang on the tree, come on you know a couple just wouldn't do the trick.  I'm trying to make a green statement here....a LIME green statement.
  I thought I'd made twelve...well, guess again, jokes on me I can't even count......there are 14.  Math never was my strong suit!!
When they get hung on the tree with care... I will give you another look at how they are just going to "make" our tree.   
      xoso Sandy


  1. Love them! Are you going to mica any hats? Maybe like they were skiing while it's snowing. That thought just popped into my head.
    I think they are WONDERFUL! Do they have names?

  2. Well - I'm clear back to November! I love these little skiers - and I remember them On E's blog. Your home is beautifully decorated for the holidays - I especially liked the snow scene under your tree - all white and fluffy - with little surprises in the snow! Loved it! Hugs, Patti