Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Snow House

I seem to have a theme going with Snowmen.  I couldn't decide what to put in the front yard, then......I found this cute little snowman head and soon enough I'd come up with my answer.  The body is really and Easter Egg...but, I won't tell if you don't!  The house started out as one of those papermache houses from the craft store...after hours of decorating this is the finished product.  I'm pretty happy....what do you think?  My neighbor Amy of *Vintage Clubhouse* (check out her blog ....I'll bet you'll see another little house soon) and myself seem to end up having more craft days than humanly possible, I KNOW how everyone can relate to that.  Hee Hee  The more glitter the better, sparkle sparkle, shinny shinny, ....we love things that sparkle.  So, now this Little Snow House will sit proudly amongest all the other Christmas decorations when they make their grand entrance sooooooooooooooon!

  Have a wonderful weekend... I will, we will have our grandson Nathaniel, he loves craft projects as much as I do and he's only seven.    xoso Sandy


  1. Love the Easter egg snowman! What a way to mix holidays.

  2. Oh Sandy! I LOVE your blog AND your work!! I wish we really DID live down the street from each other..we'd have such fun crafting!! You do a lot better getting into your studio and creating than I do..I always sabotage myself..with housework and other you ever have that happen?
    Thanks for visitng..I'll be back soon! I'm signing up as a follower, too!!
    Blessings, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Simply wonderful! A favorite shade of green for me. I will have to remember this snowman idea! I can't wait to see your peg dolls - all 12 of them!!!! Oh my goodness! The hair on mine nearly does me in making just one! Have a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday! Elizabeth

  4. I love your snow house! I made some out of paper a couple years ago and it was fun, but time consuming!

  5. Hello Sandy ! thank you so much for your comment on my freebies blog :) I'm really happy to discover your lovely house, absolutely charming, and your pretty snow house is amazing, I love it much !! wish you a happy weekend :)