Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How many dress forms can I have?????

While on a babysitting adventure the last couple days for my grandson and Mother (she suffers with Alzheimer's),... I was greeted with an old dress form that I'd given my granddaughter and she no longer wanted. 

Hum mm...what to do, what to do???

 This was a  perfect time to alter the little darling.....
 No before pics...sorry...didn't think I'd actually end up keeping it, thought for sure some one would snag it up in their hot little hands once it was redone.....to my surprise, I got to keep it.

I cut off the old fabric and do-dads, then began creating.

Love.... love... Tim Holtz scrapping paper...the rulers seems perfectly perfect for the new look.   Tore a 12 x 12 piece into small bits and decoupaged away. Spray painted the white stand and finial black....let them all dry overnight and loved how she looked this morning.

Went thru my stash of chains, primped and fussed with her and the end result is making me so happy.

I mean.... *How many dress forms can a person have?*

I didn't know I had acquired so many over the years...it seems I have  quite a COLLECTION, that I didn't even realized I had. 

What's even scarier..... I know I have a few more in the garage boxed up that I'm sure I'll tear into real soon and redo them. 

 Then I'll wonder, "What the heck was I thinking....and, WHY did I re-open this dress form can of worms." 

I passionately collect, then ask myself "WHY?"

Do you do that?

So, now they are nicely grouped (as they should be)in my *industrial* room, cuz I can't seem to move out of that room......  Let's hope I move on soon.

Have a creative adventure!




  1. Hi Sandy,

    Hi Sandy,

    Your dress form looks wonderful!

    Stop by this blog:

    Carol is having a polka dot closet dress form party on Feb. 7. I'm sure you will have a lot of 'FUN' there!


  2. She's very cute! I just now ready your comment from early January. Shame on me. I am so behind. However, I am now following your wonderful blog. Thank you so much for visiting.

  3. She is fabulous! I can't believe she did not want her dress form!! You can never have to many!! I would love for you to join the dress form party Feb.7th If you would like to join, but don't know how to link up just email me the day fo the party and I can link you up! I'm your newest follower


    1. Carol...thanks so much for the kind words... and the invite for the dress form party. I DON'T know how to link, but...that's my priority for this week...too LEARN. Thanks for following me. xoso Sandy

  4. Hi Sandy...it's so nice to meet and follow you......I would love it if you stopped by to visit with me too sometime....if you like!

    Your last post featured a beautiful vintage desk and chair! Oh my goodness I love it so much! gorgeous!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  5. Oh Sandy you just made my day!! I am so glad you will make the Dress form party!! I have never had a linky party, and I am so worried no one will show up! Yea, you and some friends....Oh I am sooo excited! Thank you