Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy May! And, my newest adventure.

Just a quick drop in to say *Hi* to all my friends here in the blog world.

 I have been so busy lately....

Just opened a booth at a wonderful new co-op  **Vintage Corner** in San Juan Bautista (Ca) just down the road a bit.

 Featuring Shabby French: old, new and unique, repurposed, hand crafted goodies and gifts...vintage-inspired style for your home, fashion and lifestyle!

 It's so exciting!
Trying to fill the booth with all kinds of treasures takes a lot of time...I know you all know that.  Whew!

I hope if you are in our area you will stop in and say *Hi*! 
We would love to see you! 

Back to the drawing board.....have a wonderful day! Must go "create".  

xoso Sandy O  


  1. I hope to have a booth some day but I'll let a bunch of you other girls do it first so I can learn from your sucesses and mistakes! :) Have fun!

  2. Just wanted to say "Hello". I also just opened a booth at Vintage Corner. I love that shop.