Thursday, May 26, 2011

A field trip to the Monterey Airport!


 I'd forgotten what a field trip could "feel" like.

 Two classes of second graders, my grandson in one of them.

 We spent the first part of our three hours touring the little airport, with.... a bunch of restless kids....talking too much and too loud.... hopping around...poking and hitting each other....complaining they were hungry...then thirsty....then of course they had to go to the bathroom..... seven year old children can be a handful.

 Then, we hit the airports Fire Station!  

 Now, that was a different story. 

 Those big trucks, big tires, lots of tools.... listening to the fireman tell about their job and go through their "drill".... the "pole".... the "outfits" was a fun day, exhausting.

Did I mention we walked? 

I'm one tired Gammy....but, I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

It was such a fun day....

Have a safe and fun Holiday weekend!

xoso Sandy O

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