Sunday, December 12, 2010 I sit!

       Can't seem to get my *mo-jo* going. 
We are still babysitting Lacy the Puppy for see, he's still in the hospital. 
      Procedure was cancelled yesterday, apparently they didn't like his kidney numbers, whatever that means??????   He's scheduled for 11:00 am today...that's in a few minutes...whew. 
     I wish I could get going on something productive, but I think my mind is to overwhelmed with Brother and his heart condition....can't seem to think of anything else. 
    I sure will be glad when he's all better and life will get back to normal for all of us. 
               Please keep wonderful thoughts for him.....  he can use them now. 
                      Everyone have a wonderful to you all!!!!
                                    xoso Sandy

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  1. Sandy - Thanks so much for leaving such a nice comment. I was so excited,I had to read it to my husband! I am going to bookmark your blog and go back through your old post - so I can get to know you. Love your header, I would l love to have such a cute little play house.