Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It takes a village

Yesterday was spent making and decorating the two new little houses under the tree.  I had made the first one weeks ago and shared, that's before the tree arrived.  Of course I shuffle the decorations the entire time leading up to Christmas....then take them down.  I'm never completely finished decorating, how could I must be "moved" just one more time. 

 Glitter and glue every where, but........boy did I have fun.  This year I decided instead of putting out my village of years gone by, I would attempt to make one that was all *sparkle* ...I think I managed to do just that. 

Mr. Conductor Man built the platform for the train to scoot around on...which by the way, makes the dog go crazy.  She runs back and forth as the train circles, almost getting her nose hit by the end car...doesn't stop her, she barks like it's her job to save us from this new moving object that's come to get us.  Guess it is HER job........Too Funny!!


  1. I knew you were busy building houses! They look great, wonder how you got the log cabin look?? I'll need to study that more. Village looks great!

  2. Oh my goodness...look at your treasures. Makes you want to roll around in all the vintage happiness. Just darling. Glad you stopped by. I love a kindred vintage soul. Can't wait to see when Piper's battery runs out! By the way, Elizabeth's blog is my first stop in the morning as it always makes me smile.

  3. Sandy, Thanks for stopping by A Swap For All Seasons! The winter swap will be announced on January 2nd so make sure to stop in then to see if you are interested in joining us!

    Your blog is lovely and I especially LOVE the sparkly little neighborhood you've created! The vintage deer and angels are adorable and your houses are amazing! I enjoyed my visit! Linda

  4. What an amazing little glitter village! Does your pup leave the train alone? Lucky you if she does, my Jack Russell kept derailing the train so I quit putting it up. Hmm, she's older now, maybe I should drag it out. Thanks for sharing, Nan