Thursday, August 16, 2012

New minis for Sweet Pea and Clover

Sharing my latest minis...OMG are they ever cute.

I'm following along in the footsteps of my fellow Mini Bloggers scooping up treasured items that I can't live without, which by the way, are making Sweet Pea and Clover even cuter than before. 

I know, you are all probably getting sick of me showing this same old room, over and over and over again. 
 I'm thinking maybe I should move on, or at least finish the outside so I can share it. 

I have the same problem as most of us Mini people...we want to decorate BEFORE the house or room is finished.

So, with that said.... have another gander at it. 

The towel, mitt and apron arrived in yesterdays mail... sheer perfection! Quality, quality quality!

A MUST HAVE for every mini kitchen...thanks ladies! Love, love, love 'em!

Peeking around the corner sits the blue tea cart...once was gold...but, I had my way with it and sprayed it this beautiful blue. 
 Fits in like a dream.

The space above the comfy pink chair was too sparse, needed filling...what better way than with another cupboard with fabric inserted  on the front panels. 
Fabrics are so important...texture! 

Addressing the little loft needed "more"....
 The wagon will work....think it fits in just right. 
 Also, the plates are new... heavenly, will be adding more of them...such quality !

Plates...plates....and MORE plates....
 I can see this being a collection problem!

I'm having a love affair with Sweet Pea and Clover....but, I promise... I'll move on!

Hope you're enjoying watching this little room/house come together, as much as I'm enjoying creating it.


To my new followers....
Thanks so much for jumping aboard...I so enjoy meeting, greeting and getting to each and everyone of you.

Have a fun filled mini making weekend.



  1. Hi Sandy! Sweet Pea and Clover is getting cuter by the second! Beautiful things! I love the fabric-trimmed cupboard--adorable! xo Jennifer

  2. Hey Jennifer.... Thanks for stopping by and the email. We didn't do well in Portland...still need to think. Can't wait to meet you at the show... We'll have to figure out a way to "know" each other. Have you treated yourself to a apron/mitt/towel? They are so them. Quality Quality! And, the them. I get so excited when I find a good mini source...
    Have a great weekend...
    xoso Sandy

  3. Wonderful kitchen ! A lot of small details! Adorable!

  4. Hello
    I will NEVER get tired of seeing pictures of your fine kitchen. You have so many fine things, and you get it all done so lifelike. I enjoy seeing more and more new details.
    I envy you, your ability to create holistic, You are fantastic good to put it all together. Your photos are also super, and shows it all so well.
    I am already looking forward to next visit.
    Hugs and have a nice weekend

    Wyrna from A fairytale come true

    1. Wow, I'm so touched by your lovely words...thanks so much. Have a blessed weekend full of fun and love.

  5. This is one kitchen I never get tired of seeing its beautiful. The new items are perfect. I love the little mitt. The cupboard is very pretty and your dishes are lovely.
    Hugs Maria

    1. You are always so SWEET... thanks so much...Have a fantastic weekend.

  6. You could show this room over and over. I couldn't get sick of it. Everything is so beautiful. And you take such great care placing everything in the perfect place.

    1. Sweet kind thoughts as appreciated. Have a fun filled mini kinda weekend. xoso

  7. Sandy as far as I am concerned, keep on showing this room - I love it all, every detail is great. You have a talent for adding details that are bringing it alive.

    1. Thanks so much for your kinds words... have a wonderful weekend. xoso

  8. Hi Sandy,
    I could never tire of seeing photos of Sweet Pea and clover it is just so beautiful!!
    your purchases are gorgeous and go perfectly in their new home!!
    vicky xxx

    1. So thankful for your sweet comments... have a fantastic weekend.

  9. Don't worry! I always enjoy seeing photos of your miniatures.

  10. Oh this room, I could stay here forever. Love every little detail. The wagon on the loft space is such a cute detail LOVE!
    Mini Hugs, Jannet