Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Storybook has a mind of it's own!

Storybook got stuccoed inside, painted inside and out and got her roof....well, the front part of her roof.

I chose to use the insert from a outside hanging know those kind that look like fiber.  Got'em from the Dollar store, used about five so far, looks like it will take two more for the backside.

I just kept cutting strips and layering them with hot glue and regular glue.

  I've got to admit, she's way cuter in person than in these pictures, if I do say so myself.
WHEW.... took a lot longer than I thought it should. 
But, she's cute.

I have NO idea what the inside will be... so much too much to think much to create!

kitchen ??
living room??
it's all still up in the air. 

She has a mind of her own.

You've got to over look the "ugly"... we know construction is not a pretty sight.

So, here's a look at the backside with it's teedering roof.... not real great, is it? 
 Much more to do.
  I'm loving the inside color and's going for a shabby chic (duh) look.  

Here she is without the balancing roof act!

Notice I keep calling it a "she/her".  Hummmmm  

My thought is to put a small little walkway above the front door with a railing, then put books on shelving, covering the wall.  Kinda a FAUX library...okay, a real mini library. 

OMgosh I'm getting so excited.

With a hanging Chandy.

Eye candy...Eye candy.

All the ideas could change at a moments notice..
you see, I have a mind of my own too.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring? 

Let's hope more work.

Have a great evening my friends.



  1. The roof is wonderful! What a great idea! You rock girl!

    1. Gotta give Caroline *Shop Cinderella Moments* credit for thinking up the roof idea... I just copied. xoso Sandy

  2. You have very original, creative ideas! I love the roof it completely changes the the look of the house. It will be interesting further details.

    1. Gotta give credit due...Caroline of Shop Cinderella Moments thought up the roof idea... I just used her example. Thanks Caroline. She rocks.
      I'll keep posting my experience as the house comes to life.

  3. I know what you mean by these houses having a mind of their own! And trust me using these pot liners is so much more easy than doing the real thatch. I did that a couple of times and the mess was extraordinary! LOL! This way is much cleaner and faster.
    Your cottage looks so cute. This is going to be a great one.

    1. Gotta give YOU credit for the pot liner idea...

      I'm trying to NOT look at your houses so I don't steal every idea you have. Making my MIND work a little coming up with MAYBE some original ideas.
      Did the floor today with sticks and the front porch with little wood squares. Wonder what it's going to turn out like? lol
      Also made more books for my little library...tomorrow they get covered with fabric/paper. OH MY this little house is a handful.
      I always think I can whip things together... this is not going as fast as I think it should. hehehe
      Glad you have faith in this little adventure I've started. THANKS.

  4. I love your cottage and the roof is lovely - what a great idea. I too like Shop Cinderella Moments - maybe I might try my hand at a little cottage too :)

    1. Oh, you should... it's proving to be soooo much fun. Loving it...more work today. I call it work, my husband calls it play. lol
      Have a great day, thanks for stopping by.