Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rusty...Crusty...coffee table... I created it today... Mmmmm

I've turned the corner... I'm loving old rusty crusty iron things...WHO KNEW?  The more I see them, the more I love them...I've joined the group of RUSTY CRUSTY!

Today I recreated my old coffee table into a new one....Or I should say "I made my NEW table into something "OLD" and wonderful.

                                                                              Have a look!

 The most fun was decorating the top.....you know how we all love to decorate! Mmmmmmm

I took three of my cloches decking them out with new visuals.... it's all making my heart sing!

This is the smallest cloche, I covered the little peet pot with vintage music paper....too cute! Can you tell I'm loving the look?

I rolled up some pages from a novel and stuffed them in the largest cloche...that took some time.
It's sitting on top of and old tire iron....note:  Rusty Crusty!

This last cloche has silk plants (yes, I'm a fan of silk when they look real) in a silver gravy boat.  Charming, I think!

A bird nest and silver box complete the look..... Happy Happy!

  The top of the table is some kind of old wire thingy that was sitting out behind my little house... Imagine it fit perfectly on top of the iron table legs.

 I removed the wooden top... which is lovely in it's own right, but..... it didn't have the rusty crusty look.    Then put the two pieces together and VOILA this is how it looks now.

I'm lovin' it!
I can't believe it all came together so easy...guess it was meant to be!

Have a wonderful week!

xoso Sandy O


  1. Wow, I love this look! The table is "rusty, crusty" perfect. I like what you did with the cloches. It gives me an idea for my coffee table, which is the toy box my husband made for our first son.

    Guess what? My DIL is in labor and we're waiting for the call to go to the hospital! I'll post about it soon.

  2. Hi Sandy,

    What a great look! It actually looks like the base of a baby crib, that you'd set a mattress on. My goodness, I can imagine how long it took you to roll those little papers up........what we crafty women do for decor! Have a great day.