Friday, February 28, 2014

Been gone to long!

It seems I've dropped off the face of the earth....well, I haven't.  I've gotten lost in other activities and did not make this one a priority.
So many new adventures.... dolls, minis, know how that goes, we just get involved with many things as life goes on.

Missed being here and talking to all of you. 

Hopefully I will stay connected much better this time.

The vacation was fantastic, oh my Paris...swoon.
Now we are planning another Italy trip, feeling very blessed to be able to travel.

A big hello to all of you!

xoso Sandy
Ps.  Its been so long, I've forgotten how to make this work...refresh...refresh!  lol

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Excited about our vacation!

Finally..... it's VACATION time..... 
See you when I return....
Will miss you all....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New minis for Sweet Pea and Clover

Sharing my latest minis...OMG are they ever cute.

I'm following along in the footsteps of my fellow Mini Bloggers scooping up treasured items that I can't live without, which by the way, are making Sweet Pea and Clover even cuter than before. 

I know, you are all probably getting sick of me showing this same old room, over and over and over again. 
 I'm thinking maybe I should move on, or at least finish the outside so I can share it. 

I have the same problem as most of us Mini people...we want to decorate BEFORE the house or room is finished.

So, with that said.... have another gander at it. 

The towel, mitt and apron arrived in yesterdays mail... sheer perfection! Quality, quality quality!

A MUST HAVE for every mini kitchen...thanks ladies! Love, love, love 'em!

Peeking around the corner sits the blue tea cart...once was gold...but, I had my way with it and sprayed it this beautiful blue. 
 Fits in like a dream.

The space above the comfy pink chair was too sparse, needed filling...what better way than with another cupboard with fabric inserted  on the front panels. 
Fabrics are so important...texture! 

Addressing the little loft needed "more"....
 The wagon will work....think it fits in just right. 
 Also, the plates are new... heavenly, will be adding more of them...such quality !

Plates...plates....and MORE plates....
 I can see this being a collection problem!

I'm having a love affair with Sweet Pea and Clover....but, I promise... I'll move on!

Hope you're enjoying watching this little room/house come together, as much as I'm enjoying creating it.


To my new followers....
Thanks so much for jumping aboard...I so enjoy meeting, greeting and getting to each and everyone of you.

Have a fun filled mini making weekend.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Give-away from Plushpussycat!

I was the lucky winner of Jennifer @ Plushpussycat give-away and I wanted to share what I won and how they are all sweetly displayed in Sweet Pea and Clover.... come have a look see!

Aren't these the most adorable little minis ever?

Now, peek inside Sweet Pea and Clover to see how wonderfully they all fit.

Towels and bottle of Olive Oil.  Be still my heart!

Covered bowl, wine opener and tools...OMGOSH..I love them! 

Three little books....sweetness!

Newspaper and books! Ready for a read?

Little pot holder hanging from rack and cup in dish drainer!

My camera was not behaving today with the certainly wasn't me! 
Even with a little bit of blurriness...the precious little minis still look adorable.

Thank you again Jennifer for such a gracious give-away, I'm proud to be the new owner of such a thoughtful gift. 

Did you find them all in the pictures? 

Have a fantastic weekend.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mini Kitchen Yumminess!

I've been so smitten with all the baking that goes on in the Mini kitchens, I had to start collecting some of the darling items for Sweet Pea and Clover.

How cute are these?

Looks like someone is in there whipping up some yummy goodies, doesn't it?

I got the covered cake plate, pinky wink bowls, measuring spoons, rolling pin and cookie sheets.

Have a biscuit if you'll find the jams on the table. 
 Or, how about a sliver of cake?

Can't wait to receive a couple other kitchen minis I had to have, hope they come soon!

So excited!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Pea and Clover mini kitchen

I want to thank all my new followers for visiting me and leaving such heartfelt comments and sweetness.  I love hearing from all of you!

Today I got the brilliant (okay, I think it's brilliant) idea to make little valance boxes for the windows...adding more pink and giving the kitchen more texture and detail.
Happy Dance as always....

Pleased as punch, I am! 

 Speaking of punch....have a little cup, it's sitting on the hutch across the room.  Sip as you peruse the newest additions to Sweet Pea and Clover.

 If you like, there is and abundance of food for the one goes hungry in MY's YUMMY!  

Have a slice of chocolate cake, if you like too.

I've had this little brown basket for ever....well, it was brown until I got a hold of the paint brush and gave it a quick white wash....much more Shabby Chic, don't you think?  Perfect for the silverware.

The little chair needed a sweet little skirt....done!

A back splash seemed needed to give this area a bit more interest.... silver paper seemed the answer.

So, I added the cute little valances...painted the basket for silverware.... a back splash...a skirt for the chair.....and tried to pull the entire kitchen together for a photo shoot. 
Hope you enjoyed....

It's such a pleasure sharing all my decorating, creating and mini making with all my blog friends.

Hope it inspires you to create....
as you have all inspired me so much.

Thank you all!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mini Sweet Pea and Clover update

I've sat with my head in this little dollhouse for the last couple days.... working away!

Today, I'm only showing the kitchen side.
 Gotta keep the suspense happening.

Originally, pink was my choice...but, this blue wallpaper just called my name, it jumped off the shelf and into my hand. 

Sweet Pea and Clover is taking on it's own personality.

 I'm very happy with how it's turning out, we all know, there are always things that don't work out....or we have to change.
The curtains are giving me a challenge, still not what I want, problem is.... I don't know what that is. 
The doily will stay for now!
I didn't have enough of either floor, so..... I did a half and half kinda look, thinking it's pretty sweet!


I'm searching for a few more shabby chic accessories, so necessary (new minis are always necessary, aren't they?) to get the look I want.

More PINKY WINK... is a must!

Hope you've had fun!